Morgen Hardcore-Mode für Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Im kostenlosen Update enthalten

Morgen erscheint ein neues Update für das Rollenspiel "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", das den Hardcore-Mode enthält.


Wie die Warhorse Studios bekannt gegeben hab, wird am 26. Juni 2018 ein kostenloses Update für das Mittelalter-Rollenspiel "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" erscheinen, das den Hardcore-Mode enthält. Dieser soll für einen ansteigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad sorgen. Es gibt keine Autosaves, keine Schnellreise-Funktion und realistischere Kämpfe. Weitere Details seht ihr in der Übersicht.

Hardcore-Mode - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • In Hardcore Mode there is no autosaving. The game can only be saved by drinking “Saviour Schnapps”, sleeping in your own bed, paying for a bathhouse full service, or exiting the game.
  • In Hardcore Mode you can’t rely on eating from open cooking pots. The best way to regenerate health is to sleep. Food and healing potions take quite a while to kick in.
  • You’re only alerted to your current health and stamina levels by means of in-game visual effects.
  • Henry’s position is not shown on the map and there are no indicators on the compass. Waypoints are shown only when you get close to them.
  • Fast travel isn’t possible in Hardcore Mode.
  • Combat is more realistic in Hardcore Mode. Strikes have more realistic impact, and engaging in combat with an experienced warrior without wearing quality armor is very deadly.
  • Hardcore Perks are a form of customizable difficulty. You can enable a lot — like “Consumption”, “Nightmares”, “Tape Worm”, “Claustrophobic”, or “Shakes” — to make the game even harder.
  • Traders pay less for goods and rewards are lower overall. Repairing items is even costlier.
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