The Raid enthüllt

Multiplayer-Shooter im Universum von Observer

Der Publisher Feardemic und der Entwickler 84RAID Corporation haben auf der Gamescom 2020 den PvPvE-Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter "The Raid" angekündigt, der im Cyberpunk-Universum von "Observer" stattfindet. Weder ein Termin noch Plattformen wurden genannt. Der erste Trailer hinterlässt allerdings einen soliden Eindruck.

Über The Raid

  • In this grim cyberpunk world, The Raid is a VR tournament organized by the almighty Chiron Corporation, which attracts the distraught lower ends of the population looking for any opportunity to make some money.
  • The players, as tournament participants, compete both between each other and against hordes of virtual enemies, ascending upwards in a tower with the goal of reaching the top and kill the boss to take home the prize.
  • The players will fight using a range of unique and customizable weapons, as well as hacking abilities that will allow them to manipulate environments and opponents.
  • Players will be able to use their tournament rewards to personalize their characters’ appearances.
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