Necropolis Suite

Genre: Action Adventure

Whitechapel, London, 1886. Detective JP Chambers is sent to the house of a madman who turned himself in to the police and confessed to impossible crimes. But what you find in those rooms will shatter the very nature of possibility, until what is left are the echoing nightmares and broken dreams lurking in the walls of THE NECROPOLIS SUITE. You must navigate a cycle of insanity as you acquire forbidden knowledge on your quest for the truth. The more you learn, however, the more you lose your grip on reality. Succumbing to madness will start your journey over, but you keep the knowledge you’ve gained, using it to get a little further, to learn a bit more before insanity inevitably overtakes you once more. Necropolis Suite s a truly immersive horror adventure blending classic Lovecraftian narrative with German expressionism and Soulsborne sensibilities lovingly enveloped in the gaslight romanticism of Victorian England