Der neue Patch ist da v1.08

Sierra hat einen neuen Patch in der Version 1.08 zum Horror-Shooter F.E.A.R. veröffentlicht kurz vor dem erscheinen des ersten Add-Ons.

Aus dem Changelog geht hervor, daß vor allem Verbesserungen im Multiplayermodus getätigt wurden, aber lest selbst. Der Patch wiegt satte 300 MB.

This update is for any version of F.E.A.R. and brings it up to v1.08. This is a required update.
Update Notes - Multiplayer:

Added ability to pick up and reuse Proximity Mines and Remote Detonators that were thrown by yourself.

Limited support for Spectator Mode in objective (CTF, Conquer All, and Control) game modes.

Added code to improve spawn with buddies system in team game modes. Will be noticeable only in Stockpile and custom maps.

Player kill/death messages are now shown in both system and chat messages. Player kills and deaths will only be displayed in the system message area.

Update Notes - Single-player:

Fixed bug where trying to start a game for the first time after switching from multiplayer to singleplayer would give a "Disconnected from Server" error.

Update Notes - Global:

Added widescreen support.

Fixed bug where FEAR.exe would not always start when switching from FEARMP.exe to FEAR.exe.

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