Onee Chanbara Origin erscheint im Westen

Für PC & PS4

D3 Publisher und Tamsoft haben angekündigt, dass das Actionspiel "Onee Chanbara Origin" in Europa sowie Nordamerika am 14. Oktober 2020 für den PC (Steam) und die PlayStation 4 erscheinen wird. Es liegen ein Trailer und ein kurzes Gameplay-Video vor.

Features von Onee Chanbara Origin

  • Cel shaded graphics reminiscent of Japanese animation.
  • Exhilarating feel from cutting down hordes of zombies with a katana.
  • Gore effects with decapitations, dismemberments, and even cutting torsos in half.
  • A novice-friendly system that allows combos to rack up just with simple tap of a button.
  • A system called the “Cool Combination” system for advanced players. This requires exact timing to connect combos but with an added bonus of massive flexibility. Provides enjoyment for players of all skill levels.
  • When blood splatters from enemies on to your character, you can change forms into “Berserk” or “Xtatic” to help you defeat powerful enemies like bosses.

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