Moon Samurai erscheint für PC & Switch

Trailer zum 2D-Action-Adventure

Nunchaku Games hat das 2D-Pixel-Action-Adventure "Moon Samurai" in der Entwicklung, das im Gameplay-Trailer vorgestellt wird. Das in einer Cyberpunk-Welt angesiedelte Spiel wird für PC und Nintendo Switch erscheinen, wobei kein Termin genannt wurde. Laut den Entwicklern gibt es momentan keine Pläne für weitere Konsolen, aber sie werden in Erwägung gezogen.

Features von Moon Samurai

  • Beautiful fusion of platformer and beat ’em up genres.
  • Elaborated combat mechanics. Player will feel like a martial arts master by delivering dozens of various kicks and punches.
  • Melee weapons will also be available in the game: sword, nunchaku, and a missile weapon—plasma ball. All the strikes animations using melee weapons are executed with precise details and look very realistic.
  • Cinematic story telling. In Moon Samurai, we aim at making each scene as spectacular and eye-catching as possible. Combat episodes will be interwoven with QTE elements, providing main character many opportunities to interact with interior elements and to use improvised means and instruments turned out to be at hand, just as Jackie did in his movies.
  • Detailed “retro-stylized” pixel-art. Visual part of Moon Samurai can boast truly manic attention to details. Despite modern appearance of animation and graphics, these are still the same good old-schoolish hand-drawn pixels favored by players all around the world.
  • Epic Boss Battles. Fighting bosses will prove to be a real challenge. Each boss has his or her own personal history with the main character. Players will certainly memorize these encounters.
  • Feel the nunchaku power! One of distinctive characteristics of the enemies will be their ability to form bands (crowds), which will considerably complicate fighting process for the player, because dealing with these will require remarkable reflexes. Especially for such situations, main character is carrying his nunchaku with him, using them such crowds will be dealt with in a Bruce style—fast and beautifully.
  • The game will feature eight levels with more than 50 different locations.
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