Drittes grosses Update für Kirby: Star Allies angekündigt

Drei neue Freunde & neuer Modus

Nintendo hat bekannt gegeben, dass das dritte grosse Update für "Kirby: Star Allies" auf der Switch am 30. November 2018 erscheinen wird. Es enthält drei neue Freunde (Magolor, Taranza und Secretary Susie) sowie einen neuen Modus.

Neues Update für Kirby: Star Allies

  • New Dream Heroes: Magolor, Taranza, and Secretary Susie
  • New Mode: Another Dimension Heroes – A new mode that unlocks after clearing Story Mode, “Another Dimension Heroes” is a challenge mode in which Kirby and his Dream Friends pass the baton while solving various puzzles in another dimension with the goal of collecting “Friend’s Hearts.” Boss monsters known as “Another Bosses” will appear, which are not more brutal in appearance, but also in strength. The Jambastion mages await at the end of the dimension.
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