3D Dot Game Heroes

Neuer Trailer

Atlus USA hat einen neuen vollständigen Trailer zu "3D Dot Game Heroes" veröffentlicht, dem ultimativen Retro-Action-Adventure für PlayStation 3. Der Titel erscheint am 14. Mai bei uns im Handel.

Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales, spricht in einem Statement zum Trailer über einen grossen Durchbruch.

"Atlus scientists are very excited to announce a breakthrough. Many, many sleepless nights later, we've achieved our goal: cramming all of the retro-sexiness that is 3D Dot Game Heroes into a single video trailer. At first we thought it couldn't be done, and maybe we only think we've succeeded... I mean, maybe it just isn't possible to capture all of the humor and parody of the full game, all of the aspects that make it both a stunning new retro adventure and a tribute to the legends of gaming past, in a single video. You'll just have to see for yourselves, I guess..."