Alienjäger-DLC für XCOM 2 erschienen

Patch & Launch-Trailer ebenfalls

Der "Alienjäger"-DLC für "XCOM 2" wurde veröffentlicht und zeigt sich im Launch-Trailer. Ein Patch für das Basisspiel steht ebenfalls zum Download bereit.

2K Games und Firaxis Games haben den "Alienjäger"-DLC für "XCOM 2" veröffentlicht. Besitzer des "Verstärkungs"-Packs (der Season-Pass) müssen dieses DLC nicht mehr separat kaufen. "Alienjäger" bietet eine storybasierte Mission, neue Waffen und Rüstungen, eine neue "Jägerzentrale"-Verbesserung für die Waffenkammer der Avenger sowie drei neue "Alienherrscher"-Einheiten als Gegner.

Schaut euch dazu den Launch-Trailer an und außerdem wurde ein 475 MB großer Patch für das Basisspiel veröffentlicht, der Bugfixes, Performance-Verbesserungen und eine Balance-Überarbeitung enthält.


  • Fixed an issue where the doom countdown timer was refilling after the Avatar bar filled up
  • Repeater no longer triggers after Stock damage or damage done over time
  • Mimic Beacons can no longer be reanimated
  • Mimic Beacons can no longer be targeted by Aid Protocol
  • Zombie Soldiers count towards “Soldiers Dead” counter
  • Evac zones can no longer be placed on a soldier
  • Fixed an issue where XCOM units were hitching after pod reveals
  • Fixed an issue where armor was not resetting properly after restarting the Avenger Defense mission
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after opening an ADVENT garage door
  • Soldiers equipped with the Hazmat Vest will no longer be affected by Acid Burn when pathing over Acid
  • Fixed an issue where loot was not being given to the player after killing an enemy next to a soldier with a hacked turret
  • Fixed multiple issues that would occur when a Gatekeeper is killed while affected by Chryssalid poison
  • Specialists can no longer receive the Phantom ability through the Advanced Warfare Center
  • Fixed an issue where certain AOE attacks could be used when selected while the unit was in movement


  • MP balance changes (more details)
  • ADVENT and Alien units with weapons have been given range bonuses/penalties
  • Fixed an issue where squads would be deleted when saving and editing Loadouts
  • Fixed an issue where new squads were not being created upon selecting “Save As New Loadout” in the Edit Loadouts Menu
  • Fixed an issue where weapon customizations were not saved when created in the Squad Loadout
  • Fixed an issue where the Stun Lancer’s charge attack was causing players to desync


  • Fixed an issue where Skulljacked units floated too high in the air
  • Fixed an issue where weapons inappropriately remained in the hands of soldiers
  • Fixed an issue where grenades were causing environmental damage on their way to the target
  • Fixed an issue where XCOM soldiers and Psi-Zombies were able to share the same tile
  • Fixed multiple animation issues caused when carrying an unconscious unit
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier remained bound by a Viper’s Bind and Crush ability after killing it
  • Fixed an issue where explosions would occur early


  • Removed a hitch that would occur when building visibility is disabled/enabled
  • Fixed an issue causing lighting to appear dark when launching the title on specific AMD setups


  • Fixed an issue where the default setting for the Anarchy’s Children slider in the options menu was inconsistent between platforms
  • Fixed an issue where enemy weapons would continuously ragdoll after a unit was killed
  • Fixed an issue where the Loadout screen music plays after loading a Strategy save mid-mission
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when accessing the ADVENT Broadcast Network mission while mods were active on the Geoscape


  • Implemented a ‘Select All Mods’ button
  • Extended the character length for bios
  • Adjusted some prewritten soldier bios
  • Fixed an issue where users could access locked customization options
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong options were sometimes appearing in the Gameplay tab in the Options menu
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would not show when viewing the Options menu


  • Game state classes can now be overridden
  • The ‘static’ scope keyword now works with override classes, allowing static functions to be overridden
  • The X2DownloadableContentInfo class has been extended to provide many new hooks for events such as mission start/end
  • The X2DownloadableContent class can now route ‘exec’ functions (console commands) allowing mods to implement their own cheats
News Michael Sosinka