August-Update für Xbox One wird heute veröffentlicht

Neue Landing-Page für Xbox-Guide

Microsoft hat heute damit begonnen, das August-Update für die Xbox One auszuliefern. Dieses enthält eine neue Landing-Page für den Xbox-Guide sowie weitere Verbesserungen an der Benutzeroberfläche, die nachfolgend aufgelistet werden. Die neue Landing-Page des Guides wurde so gestaltet, dass sie übersichtlicher und leichter zu lesen ist.

Improved Landing Page

  • The new Guide landing page is designed to be cleaner and easier to read at-a-glance. The layout makes it easier to navigate between the most recent things you were doing, the Dashboard, and My Games and Apps. For those of you who want to customize the Guide, you’ll have the option to change the order of the tabs that show up. We’ve also added buttons to the bottom of the page for important utilities like notifications, search, and audio settings, making it easier to access them from wherever you are.

Connect with your friends

  • Speaking of notifications, the August update includes a new notifications inbox, easily accessed by clicking the notification bell on the bottom of the Guide. This inbox combines all your alerts, game invites and message notifications into a single feed. Best of all, the inbox includes notifications from across all Xbox apps, including the new Xbox mobile app that we’ll introduce into beta soon. Acting on a notification in one place clears it everywhere, meaning you’ll always be up to date!

Parties and Chats made easy

  • In June Parties and Chat were combined into a single tab, making it easier to communicate with your friends and fellow gamers. We’ve continued to improve this experience to make it more useful, with the addition of a preview of the text in your new messages. We’ve also added a frequently requested feature – individual volume controls for each party member!

More tips and tricks for new Xbox gamers

  • Finally, we also aimed to improve the Guide experience for first-time gamers. Guide pages are now easier to read and understand, and shortcuts and button commands are more consistent. We’ve added hints tailored for new customers, helping them understand the purpose of each page, and how to get started using it.

New Activity Feed look

  • With the new Xbox experience we also set out to rethink how community and game developers’ content is displayed on Xbox. We want the focus to be on the content being shared and highlight the awesome screenshots, videoclips and posts players create.
  • You will notice all posts shared on Xbox are now the same size: no more guessing on how they will show up in the Community or Club pages. We have made improvements in the Game, People and Community Content Blocks on Home, videoclips auto-play, reduction of metadata over posts and display of engagement counts. We have also introduced shortcuts for easier engagement with the post and for easier discovery of players and games the post relates to.

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