Termin für Ultra Age

Launch-Trailer zum High-Speed-Action-Game

Die Publisher Dangen Entertainment und Intragames sowie die Entwickler Next Stage und Visual Dart haben angekündigt, dass das High-Speed-Action-Game "Ultra Age" am 9. September 2021 für PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Eine Demo soll heute bereitstehen und außerdem ist der Launch-Trailer zu sehen. "Ultra Age" soll ebenfalls für PC (Steam) veröffentlicht werden, aber ein Termin steht noch nicht fest.

Features von Ultra Age

  • Combo with Blade-Changing Action – Slash through foes with a variety of blades in high-speed, stylish action. Change blades on the fly into powerful moves to create linkage and run combos. Different attributes and varied actions call for strategy against different types of foes.
  • Narrow Gaps Using the Wire Skill – Launch the wire skill to pull smaller enemies toward you, or Quantum Warp to get instant access to larger foes. Use the wire to strategically overcome numerical inferiority, traverse gaps on land and quickly grab items.
  • Get the Edge with Skills – Gather elements to enhance your blades, expand your skills, and learn new combos. Install modules and power gear to level up Age and increase your arsenal of blades to take down the toughest of enemies. Use Helvis to burst into Critical Rage, cast Healing Pocket to recover, or Time Shift to loot more items.
  • Experience a Post-Apocalyptic Earth – Follow Age on his journey in the year 3174. Experience cutscenes that tell the story of Age’s mission across futuristic mecha, forests and deserts. Encounter mysterious characters and overcome menacing bosses to uncover the story behind the fate of humankind.
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