The Spirit of the Samurai angekündigt

Neues Metroidvania auf Kickstarter

Digital Mind, ein 3D-Animations-Studios, das im Jahr 2001 gegründet wurde, hat eine Kickstarter-Kampagne für das "Metroidvania"-Actionspiel "The Spirit of the Samurai" gestartet. Die Handlung findet im feudalen Japan statt und man übernimmt die Rolle eines Samurais und einer Katze. "The Spirit of the Samurai" soll im Dezember 2021 für PC (Steam) und Atari VCS erscheinen. Andere Plattformen könnten folgen, wenn eine Nachfrage besteht.

Features von The Spirit of the Samurai

  • Combat System – We have worked hard to get a fast, smooth and intense action combat. More satisfying than usual in Metroidvania-style games. You have numerous combos that you can combine between them.
  • Kill Cams – During combat the fatal blows will be shown from another more visual and spectacular perspective through high end quality cinematics that will not affect the fluidity of the gameplay.
  • Special Powers – You can get special powers to deal extra damage to enemies and bosses. You must unlock and evolve these powers along the game. These powers at full strength can be terribly destructive.
  • Enemies and AI – Each enemy behaves differently. Most of them have an unpredictable behavior, they have been equipped with an AI that makes each game different and difficult, very difficult. It can be challenging to beat them successfully.
  • Character Evolution – The characters will evolve each time you level up, you can increase their abilities and in the case of the Kodama, their powers as well. To increase the level you must defeat enemies, get objects, unlock secondary objectives…
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