The Last Oricru vorgestellt

Action-RPG für PC, Xbox Series X/S & PS5

Der Publisher Prime Matter und der Entwickler GoldKnights haben das Third-Person-Action-RPG "The Last Oricru" angekündigt, das im Jahr 2022 für PC (Steam), Xbox Series X/S und PlayStation 5 erscheinen wird.


Zum Spiel wird gesagt: "The Last Oricru ist ein Action-RPG, das dich mitten in den laufenden Konflikt unter dem schützenden Schild auf einem ansonsten verlassenen Planeten versetzt. Deine Entscheidungen bringen interessante Wendungen in das Gameplay, da du den Konflikt und seinen Ausgang stark beeinflussen kannst. Du wirst Hunderte von intensiven Kämpfen in einer brutalen mittelalterlichen Sci-Fi-Welt erleben, in der jede Aktion ihre Konsequenzen hat. Level deinen Helden auf und verbessere deine Fähigkeiten, bevor du dich einem der vielen Bosskämpfe stellst."

Intriguing Story

  • In the world of The Last Oricru the advanced technology is mostly forgotten. The last remains are perceived as magical objects and only a few chosen ones can be used. Some of the advanced technology such as Cradle of Life, can be used by The Last Oricru only.

Impactful Decisions

  • Massive decision tree in which your decisions lead to a different outcome, affecting story, characters, game endings but also visuals of levels or the gameplay flow. Every action, sub-quest or death can affect your reputation with each faction. There are multiple ways to play through The Last Oricru - befriend everyone or be the bad guy with all the consequences.

Challenging Combat

  • The combat is complex and aims to create a tough but rewarding experience. You will encounter various mass fights, in which you can influence already raging battles – take down enemy soldiers or come to their aid. Melee and ranged attacks, elemental damage (magic) and weight management offers a wide range of customization. Be prepared to die... A lot!

Couch Coop

  • The game offers many situations that can be solved in co-op differently than in the single player. You can find new fun ways of how to win in boss fights or reach special secret areas. At the end of the day, combat is the bread and butter of any RPG so if you for example play as a melee tank, while the second player plays a magic support, you will enjoy tens of awesome hours of shared fun!
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