Balancing-Update für Star Wars: Squadrons

Drei Sternenjäger werden angepasst

Electronic Arts hat ein Balancing-Update für "Star Wars: Squadrons" veröffentlicht, das Server-seitige Anpassungen an drei Sternenjägern vornimmt: B-Wing, Y-Wing und TIE-Defender. Für das Update ist kein Download notwendig.



The TIE defender is a powerful starfighter when it comes to power management and reducing its energy pool too much risks invalidating what makes it unique, so for this balancing pass we’re making rapid power management a bit more costly without nerfing its stats too hard. Additionally, we’re reducing some of the ammo it has available, allowing it to still function in its intended role but while requiring additional support for longer engagements.

  • Increased boost activation cost by 15%
  • Decreased boost charge rate by 10%
  • Concussion mission ammo count reduced from 6 to 4
  • Ion missile ammo count reduced from 6 to 4
  • Cluster missile ammo count reduced from 5 to 3
  • Advanced Power System cooldown increased by 20%


We're aiming to give the B-wing better ability to reach combat around objectives faster while still having a bit of boost in reserve if power is managed well.

  • Increased boost max speed from 200 to 210
  • Increased shields by 100
  • Decreased boost loss rate by 33.3%


Like the B-wing, the Y-wing should now also be able to get in and out of combat a bit easier while not pushing it too close to Fighter-class capabilities.

  • Increased boost generation rate by 30%
  • Decreased boost consumption rate by 43%
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