Kommende Inhalte & Features für Star Wars Battlefront 2

Neuer Offline-Modus, FOV-Slider für Konsolen, weitere Maps & mehr

Die Entwickler bei DICE planen viele neue Inhalte, Verbesserungen und Features für den Shooter "Star Wars Battlefront 2".


DICE hat verraten, welche neuen Inhalte und Features für "Star Wars Battlefront 2" erwartet werden dürfen. Dazu zählen ein neuer Offline-Modus für gross angelegte Kämpfe, ein FOV-Slider für die beiden Konsolen, weitere Charaktere, neue Maps, wiederkehrende Karten aus dem Vorgänger und viel mehr. Es geht ebenfalls um die Verbesserungen am Fortschritts-System und im nächsten Update werden Balancing-Anpassungen enthalten sein. Selbst erweiterte Grafik-Optionen und private Matches sind geplant. Leider sind keine neuen Kampagnen-Inhalte vorgesehen. Über einen Eroberungs-Modus wird auch nachgedacht. Die Übersicht liefert weitere Details.

Geplante Features und Inhalte für Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • There will be a few season that are “more or less locked” – mainly related to when something big happens in the movie world of Star Wars. But from then on out it will be mainly community requested stuff.
  • Carrer and progression is the first major thing they are looking to fix
  • All multiplayer planets added to Arcade for the next patch and whenever a new planet is added to the game, you will be able to play it in all core modes (including Arcade).
  • Next patch will include another balance patch on the Supercharged Sentry because of a overnerf
  • Era Select screen (starting with Galactic Assault as a test) in the near future.
  • They’re looking at expanding the graphics options.
  • Spectator mode later, but not a priority
  • Option for a non-holographic look for the menu
  • Seasons will vary quite drastically in content – some will large content drops with planets and heroes, while others might be more focused on overhauls and new game modes.
  • Some maps from Battlefront 2015 will make their return in the upcoming patches.
  • FOV slider on consoles
  • Fixing the delay between lightsaber impact and actual damage registration soontm
  • More flying maps, not all in space
  • Private Matches in the future
  • More campaign content not planned right now
  • Emote fix (Some emotes for heroes weren’t activating properly)
  • Arcade won’t get a direct port of GA (because of AI issues) but another big mode that will allow you to play big battles offline
  • Customization coming
  • Sometimes 0 heroes in a season, sometimes more than 2
  • An improved “play with friends” system that’s not unlike a Squad System. No ETA just yet.
  • Online co-op like in bf 2015 is planned but no ETA
  • Expanding the roster of announcers.
  • Lightsabers will get an update to make them look more like Battlefront 2015 (via a twitter reply from Dennis)
  • Jetpack cargo will be added in the next patch
  • Droidekas teased by Dennis on twitter but not confirmed in any official way
  • A client-side patch is going through QA right now (Quality assurance)
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