Update 1.02 für Skyrim VR veröffentlicht

Verbesserte Bewegungssteuerung & mehr

Michael Sosinka

Bethesda hat das Update 1.02 für "Skyrim VR" veröffentlicht. Darin wird die Bewegungssteuerung via PlayStation Move ein wenig verbessert und erweitert. Darüber hinaus sind weitere Verbesserungen und Bugfixes an Bord. Mehr Details stehen im Changelog.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR - Update 1.02


  • Added smooth rotation option with PS Move controllers
  • Added rotation speed for smooth rotation
  • Added option for crosshairs when using PS Move controllers for spells


  • Removed the auto-unsheathing when raising your shield hand when weapons are sheathed.
  • Fixed an issue with 2-handed weapons in left hand mode
  • Made adjustments to blocking and bashing so that it now works correctly with 2-handed weapons and 1-handed weapons with no secondary weapon equipped
  • Improved feedback for blocking
  • Improved feedback for getting staggered
  • Improvements to Eagle Eye
  • Improvements to setting targets for summon spells
  • Fixed an issue where your follower or other NPCs would block UI
  • Fixed an issue where the training menu would not be in the right place
  • Improved directional power attacks
  • Stats menu will update without having to restart the game
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements