Spieler können nächstes Projekt von Yacht Club Games bestimmen

Shovel Knight 2 oder doch lieber Shovel Kart?

Yacht Club Games will von den Fans wissen, welches Spiel nach "Shovel Knight" entwickelt werden soll. Wie wäre es mit "Shovel Kart"?


Yacht Club Games, die Macher von "Shovel Knight", haben eine Umfrage gestartet, in der sie von den Fans wissen wollen, welches Spiel sie als nächstes entwickeln sollen. Egal wer der Gewinner sein wird, er wird mit einer Retro-Optik daherkommen. Natürlich ist "Shovel Knight 2" darunter, aber "Shovel Knight and Shield Knight" und "Shovel Kart" im Stil von "Mario Kart" dürften ebenfalls sehr spannend ausfallen. Ausserdem wären da noch Titel, die sich an "Contra", "Super Mario", "Mega Man", "The Legend of Zelda" oder "Metroid" orientieren. Nachfolgend seht ihr die Liste.

  • Shovel Knight 2: A sequel to Shovel Knight, with everything you loved from the first game, incremental gameplay changes, and a cool new cast of characters!
  • Shovel Knight and Shield Knight: Multiplayer-only side-scrolling platforming prequel where all levels are traversed cooperatively. Play the entire game with a friend, maybe even online!
  • Shovel Kart: Classic mode 7 style racing featuring the cast of Shovel Knight in unique vehicles, racing with power-ups and wacky situations. Including battle modes!
  • A Mega Man: Side-scrolling platformer about jumping and shooting, with creative platforming, unique bosses, and weapon upgrades, and some degree of nonlineraity.
  • A Metroid: Thematically cohesive side-scrolling platformer/shooter with an interconnected map, stuffed with secrets and gated by mobility items!
  • A Mario: Pure and whimsical sidescrolling platformer with short but creative courses that explore unique concepts, fun and useful power-ups, and multiplayer!
  • A Zelda: Top-down action adventure game where you explore an overworld finding dungeons and secrets, battling foes, and creatively using gameplay items!
  • A Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest: Sweeping story-based game with many memorable characters and situations, equipment and classes, and a menu-driven battle system.
  • A Mario RPG: A sweeping story-based game with humorous situations and characters, and an overworld and a battle system featuring some real-time action elements.
  • A Contra: A balls-to-the-wall side-scrolling action game with platforming, tons of enemies, power ups, and bosses galore! And multiplayer!
  • A Landstalker / Solstice: An isometric action adventure.
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