Neues Update für Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Kostenloser Battletoads-DLC enthalten

Die PC-Version von "Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove" hat auf Steam ein neues Update enthalten. Mit dabei ist der kostenlose Crossover-DLC "Battletoads". Dieser wurden schon vor einiger Zeit auf der Xbox One veröffentlicht. Das PC-Update liefert darüber hinaus verschiedene Verbesserungen und Bugfixes.


Change Log

  • New: The Battletoads join the fray! While playing as Shovel Knight, kick off this very special encounter by uncovering a double secret room in the Hall of Champions.
  • New: Japanese language options added (Kanji and Kana).
  • New: During end game credits, an icon will be displayed next to stages which have successfully had all checkpoints broken.
  • New: Device detections and icons for Switch controllers (Pro Controller and Joy-Con) as well as Xbox One controllers.
  • New: Mouse buttons can now be bound to gameplay actions. LMB, name it!
  • Fix: PS4 controller now properly displays “Share” as Select, instead of incorrectly displaying the Touchpad icon.
  • Fix: Teethalon sometimes moving slowly throughout the entire chase sequence.
  • Fix: Incorrect fullscreen monitor displaying in the Options Menu.
  • Fix: Player 2 resetting controller bindings to default would resets Player 1’s bindings as well.
  • Fix: Using the number row to change relics in co-op would change both player’s active relic.

Shovel of Hope

  • Fix: Alternating between Toad Armor and Dust Knuckles would create inconsistent punch flips.
  • Fix: Completing the game with no items collected would round up to a 1% item completion. It should now display 0%.
  • Fix: Playing certain songs at the Bard resulting in erroneous playback when transitioning indoors or underground.
  • Fix: Aerial Mobile Gear could be interrupted by Tinker wrench.
  • Fix: Initially unable to use subweapons during battle with Mr. Hat.
  • Fix: Crash would occur when changing a single Body Swap setting for a boss, failing at that boss, and then revisiting the encounter.
  • Fix: Respawn point drifting farther back during many repeated deaths at the Hall of Champions boss.
  • Fix: Bugs in certain lines of dialogue while playing and changing settings in Body Swap mode.
  • Fix: Crash when changing Body Swap settings for only a single Boss, while fighting that Boss, falling in battle, and then retrying the encounter.
  • Fix: Minor text error when changing game’s language under certain Body Swap conditions while on the Level Map.
  • Fix: Random armor cheat sometimes resulting in an unusable armor set.
  • Various improvements made to co-op play.
  • Various text fixes for Body Swap mode.
  • Various improvements made to Battletoads encounter and rewards.

Plague of Shadows

  • Fix: Rematch: Shovel Knight alchemy power meter never fully refilling.
  • Fix: Erroneous screen transition when falling into the right most pit in the final anchor room of Iron Whale.
  • Fix: Liquid Samurai could be pushed off ceilings by Vat arcana.
  • Fix: Plague being invisible and immobile when caught in a double KO with the final boss.
  • Fix: Failing to defeat Black Knight on the world map could sometimes lead to multiple encounters occupying the same space.
  • Fix: Shadow blocks being destroyed by having an orbit bomb active during the penultimate boss battle.

Specter of Torment

  • Fix: Curio Upgrade menu can now be advanced with the Start button, similar to other menus that don’t use Start for another action.
  • Fix: Using Cold Shoulder after a certain dancing scene would pause the animation (the coldest of shoulders).
  • Fix: Specific timing would enable movement while still in a nearby shop after speaking with Red.
  • Fix: Defeating Tinker Knight very, very fast with cheats resulting in unintended behavior.
  • Fix: Being killed by Propeller Knight moments before a phase change would bring Specter back with no health.
  • Fix: Reize would appear incorrectly when defeated mid-teleport.
  • Fix: Plague Knight would sometimes appear without contact damage active after a teleport.
  • Fix: Performing a unique pose in a certain armor set is now duplicated by Blood Mirror (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
  • Fix: Getting hit right when beginning a rail grind would cancel out death.
  • Fix: Specter Knight losing active attack frames when releasing a charged slash at the very end of a rail.
  • Fix: Starting Black Knight, Phantom Striker, or Treasure Knight with Skeleton Sniper or active lantern flames causing erroneous behavior.
  • Fix: Luan jumps prioritized better when backtracking through a room.
  • Change: Adjusted visibility of certain background tiles found in Tower and Flying Machine stages.
  • Various localization and menu prompt spacing fixes.
  • Improvements to keyboard key icons so they take up less space.
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