Of Love & Eternity in Entwicklung

Demo zum Horror-Adventure verfügbar

Der Entwickler Acorn Bringer hat das Horror-Adventure "Of Love & Eternity" angekündigt, das für PC, Mac und Linux erscheinen wird. Es geht darin um Liebe und Trennung, wobei eine kurze Demo auf Itch.io verfügbar ist. Ein Trailer ist ebenfalls zu sehen.

Über Of Love & Eternity

  • Do you feel that? It is the void. It surrounds you. It crushes you as though it were the deepest darkest ocean. You feel as though you are falling from a dream. A dream with no end in sight.
  • It is with my sincerest regret to inform you that you are dead. Murdered in fact. Your life was taken in this most unnatural way and so your soul will wonder the void as nothing more than a lost and broken memory. Somewhere beyond this unfathomable expanse is the fractured soul of your beloved who has suffered equally so. Two parts of one soul set adrift in this impossible abyss and left to wait for the malevolent grip to loosen.
  • When that time comes, your souls will not pass on, but instead fall from this place to somewhere in between. A world of the damned where those who stray are lost. Where dwell violent and wicked spirits that have long been abandoned and those who wish to see you join them.
  • Only by reuniting with your true love may your souls become whole and ascend from that purgatory. Do you hear it? It beckons. Damnation awaits you. Both you and your beloved.
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