Update für Konsolen-Version von Minecraft

Neue Gleiten-Strecken

Für die Konsolen-Version von "Minecraft" (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One und PS Vita) wurde ein neues Update mit diversen Verbesserungen veröffentlicht. Außerdem darf man das "Gleiten-Bestien-Streckenpaket" sowie das "Minigame-Meister-Skinpaket" kaufen. Als Alternative steht der "Gleiten-Streckenpaket-Season-Pass" zur Verfügung.


Konsolen-Update für Minecraft

  • Added Glide Beasts Track Pack (Dragon, Kraken and Yeti Glide tracks)
  • Added new Glide music tracks for the new Glide Tracks
  • Change to Glide to require passing through all Checkpoints before reaching the end of the track
  • Glide Solo Mode can now be played for longer before being automatically returned to the Lobby
  • Fix for spectator not hearing Glide ring or thermal sounds for the player they are spectating
  • Fix for Glide round timer continuing to tick while the Pause Menu is displayed in Solo Mode
  • Decreased the respawn delay in Glide
  • Added coloured particles when you cross the finish line in Glide
  • Showdown in Glide now says “Hurry Up”
  • Fix for Interface Opacity setting not affecting the HUD in Glide
  • Fix for some Boat item textures in the Mass Effect Mash-up pack not matching the entity textures
  • Fix for an issue that caused the damage sound to be repeatedly played at the end of a Glide round
  • Fix for an issue that caused the body of player models to be set back from the other limbs
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