Update 0.8.1 für Grounded veröffentlicht

Top-Community-Anliegen werden angegangen

Obsidian Entertainment hat für das First-Person-Koop-Survival-Game "Grounded" das Update 0.8.1 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem vier Top-Community-Anliegen angeht (siehe Changelog).


Top Community Issues

  • Bases built on certain objects will no longer be considered "Unsupported" on load, and will not collapse after being modified.
  • Clients will no longer randomly fail to register melee and ranged attacks.
  • Reduced lag/hitching when looking at buildings in large bases.
  • Backpacks that fall through the world for clients will eventually resync back to the correct host position.


  • The Trail Marker for the BURG.L Quest: "Weed Killer Peak" will now be in the correct location if it already existed in your world.


  • Stuffed insects can once again be placed on furniture.


  • Bees aren't as clumsy around flowers and thus will drop pollen less often.

Photo Mode

  • Hoop's hair and other dangling pieces on chest armor should behave more appropriately in Photo Mode.


  • Hammer build icons are now included in the "Toggle Trail Marker and Backpack Icons" action.
  • The breath meter and the "Eat/Drink or Die" warning elements no longer get stuck on screen after respawning.
  • The "[Type] Tool Required" warning no longer overlaps the harvest resource name on the HUD.


  • Reverted the new day base music changes back to the night music to continue work on this for a future update.
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