The Shroom & Doom-Update für Grounded ist da

Changelog mit Details & Entwickler-Video

Obsidian Entertainment hat das "The Shroom & Doom"-Update für "Grounded" veröffentlicht. Im bisher grössten Update wird das Spiel um das Bauen mit mehr Materialien und der Möglichkeit, Pilzstrukturen zu erstellen, erweitert. Auf der offiziellen Seite findet man den ausführlichen Changelog und außerdem wurde ein passendes Entwickler-Video zur Verfügung gestellt.

The Shroom

New Building Material: The Shroombricks

  • Every mushroom you see in the yard is now harvestable! Chop down those toadstools and grind them down into slurry you can use to make bricks! The castles you can create from these bricks are the current sturdiest defense you'll have against the dangers of the yard.

New Crafting Structures: The Grinder and the Oven

  • We've added unlock two new crafting structures: the Grinder and the Oven.
  • The Grinder will help you break down those mushroom bits into a slurry, but it also can break down plant fiber to entice some critters to follow you (more on that below!).
  • The Oven can help cook the slurry you made from mushrooms and turn them into the bricks that will fortify your castle! But there's another tasty treat that a certain mother of spiders might covet, should you find her lair.


  • Your Garden Patches just got better! Use spoiled meat to fertilize your Garden Patches to grow everything from raw fibers to toadstools!
  • We've also added a whole host of new building options, such as pillars, half-walls, and flipped building parts. Check out our May dev blog to see more.

The Doom

The Broodmother

  • Grounded's first boss is finally here, and to celebrate, the team thought our backyard explorers should be rewarded with one of the most terrifying spiders they could find. You're welcome.
  • For anyone brave or foolhardy or both, she can be found in her lair near the Flingman flying disc in the Hedge, but it might take an offering of a tasty morsel to tempt her to face you. Just be warned - she might consider you the tasty morsel instead, so you'll want to make sure you're geared up and prepared.
  • Defeating her will give you access to unique and powerful rewards, so we wish you every kind of luck!

New Weapon: The Crossbow

  • Introducing the latest in the range of modified TAYZ.Ts. This enhanced defense variant called the ARC.R is outfitted with a capacitor stack and hefty arm cannon which unleashes energized balls of charged static for a greater challenge in the labs.
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