Gearsmas in Gears 5

Neues Update veröffentlicht

Für "Gears 5" wurde jetzt das Weihnachts-Event "Gearsmas" gestartet. Man darf beispielsweise einen speziellen Krampus-Skin verdienen und "Ugly Gearsmas Weapon Skins" freischalten. Hinzu kommen Login-Belohnungen, ein Horde-Special-Event, Schneeballschlachten und mehr. Das Update 3.1 wurde ebenfalls veröffentlicht und Infos dazu findet man auf der offiziellen Seite.



Krampus Scion

  • This Krampus doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice – he’s coming for any COG he can get! Earn the Krampus Scion* by getting 200 Kills in Free For All, trackable in your Tour of Duty Medals.
  • The Krampus Scion is actually based on the Warden, but to ensure players can access the skin instantly without the need to unlock a Character first, we’ve assigned this Character Skin under the Scion Character. Ugly Gearsmas Weapon Skin on a Lancer

Ugly Sweaters

  • Earn the full 18 weapons from the Ugly Gearsmas Weapon Skin set by completing 100 Waves of Jingle Juvies during the Gearsmas event.

Login Rewards

  • On top of the sweet new earnable rewards, the Gearsmas gifts keep on rolling down the chimney with four additional goodies just for logging in:
    • Gearsmas Jack Character Skin
    • Gearsmas Bloodspray
    • Gearsmas Mark
    • Gearsmas Banner
  • Simply hop onto Gears 5 from the launch of Gearsmas until January 2nd at 10am PT to claim your Gearsmas presents.

Horde Special Event

  • Is there anything that says Gearsmas more than a choir of yelping Juvies?
  • Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde event that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies PLUS standard enemies.
  • Unfortunately, this year some of the Juvies have misunderstood the whole bauble thing and attached Frags to their back instead. Translation: Get ready for a LOT of Poppers!


  • For Versus, some of you may be wondering why Snowball Fight isn’t making its usual appearance this year.
  • With the very recent release of Free For All, we feel it’s best to keep the focus firmly on this new mode over the holidays – where we’ll be joined by new and returning players who may have yet to try FFA in Gears 5.
  • We have some ideas on where we might take Snowball Fight in the future, but for this year, it’s taking a break to let Free For All shine.

Free Boost Days

  • Whether you’re joining us for the first time or firing up your Xbox to escape your family for a while, we’ve got you covered with Free Boost for logging in on December 25th and December 26th.

Gearsmas Timing

  • Gearsmas will begin shortly after the release of Title Update 3.1, which contains some urgent fixes for community reported issues (more on that below). Once Title Update 3.1 has rolled out, Gearsmas will be turned on ~3-4 hours after the initial release and will run until January 2, 2020.
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