Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds enthüllt

VR-Multiplayer-Shooter von InXile

Michael Sosinka

InXile Entertainment arbeitet zusammen mit dem Publisher Thirdverse an dem teambasierten AAA-Multiplayer-Shooter "Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds", der "bald" für PCVR-Headsets erscheinen wird. Es treten 20 Spieler auf zwei Seiten in intensiven PvP-Modi gegeneinander an, wobei auch ein PvE-Twist erwähnt wird.

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High-End PvP in VR

  • Players are matched into 10v10 teams and coordinate their tactics through approach, strategy, and gear to dominate the enemy team through beautiful maps and engaging game modes like capture and control.

Unique Sci-fi Setting

  • Teams will fight for control of a forgotten military base in Antarctica where other players aren’t the only enemy. Gear up and charge forward to deal with the opposing team and protect yourself from the constant, otherworldly biomechanical threat.

Highly Detailed Weapons

  • Over a dozen rifles and pistols have been recreated in painstaking detail, allowing you to realistically hold each with one or two hands, and load, rack, fire, and clear them, as well as change firing modes. Tools and munitions help round out your arsenal, including grenades, health kits, armor upgrades, turrets, and tracking upgrades.