Update 1.05 für For Honor veröffentlicht

Balancing-Anpassungen & Fixes [Update: Heute für Konsolen]

Michael Sosinka

Ubisoft hat das Update 1.05 für "For Honor" auf allen Plattformen zusammen mit dem Server-Update 1.05.1 (das erscheint für Xbox One und die PlayStation 4 etwas später) veröffentlicht. Enthalten sind zahlreiche Balance-Anpassungen sowie einige Bugfixes. Die Liste ist recht lang, wie der nachfolgend Changelog beweist.

Update: Heute wird das Update 1.05 auch für die Xbox One und die PlayStation 4 erscheinen. Ab 14 Uhr wird es eine zirka 20 Minuten lange Serverwartung geben.


Superior Block feedback

  • Warden’s Top Light opener Superior Block visual effect applied on sword.
  • Kensei’s Dodge Forward, Left, Right Superior Block visual effect applied on sword.

Valkyrie moveset

  • Removed Guardbreak Cancel from Shield Tackle Cancel Moveset description.


  • Updated Guardbreak Tutorial text for more clarity on Counter Guardbreak.


  • [Bug Fix] Counter Guardbreak ability is no longer affected by the Debuff Gear Stat.


  • [Bug Fix] Assassins not falling Unbalance when thrown out of stamina is resolved.


  • [Bug Fix] Revenge activation no longer interruptible by Emotes.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed inverted Kensei Emotes “Wipe Blade” and “Arm and Armed”.



  • [Bug Fix] Hidden Stance input improvement
  • [Bug Fix] Nobushi’s bleed can no longer be applied without hitting target


  • [Bug Fix] Using Shove on an enemy about to fall used to change their fall reaction (enemy would land on their feet instead of falling on their back).


  • [Bug Fix] Blocking External Attacks while in Full Block Stance now costs stamina


  • Heavy Finishers hit areas updated



  • Health regeneration only works from Idle
  • Health regeneration set to 12HP per tick (from 10HP)

Shield Basher

  • [Bug Fix] Shield Basher functionality will no longer be partially deactivated on death.

Game modes


  • Boosts are no longer available for pick-up at round start, they now appear 20 seconds after each round starts.
  • The time to pick up a Boost has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.


  • The following changes have been made to help shorten the average match length:
  • The Hero Kill reward has been increased from 27 to 35 points
  • The Streak kill bonus awarded per subsequent kill is now 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points instead of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
  • The “Savior” reward (assisting a friendly in a duel) has been increased from 10 to 15 points
  • Introduced the “Avenger” renown bonus that rewards 15 points (Killing an enemy who has recently killed a team mate within a 10 second timeframe)
  • Changed the “Honor” bonus of 1 vs 1/2/ 3/4 to 15, 20, 25 and 30 points from 10, 15, 20, and 25 points
  • Base respawn time has been reduced from 12 to 10 seconds

Custom match

  • The Hero Single pick option has been added to custom matches, accessed on the rules page.

Gear stats


  • Attack and Defense stats no longer apply when in Revenge mode. Only the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense stats apply when in Revenge.
  • Debuff Resistance will no longer reduce the Guardbreak Counter window of opportunity.
  • Revenge gain by Defense is now applied only when you block or parry a hit.
  • Revenge gain by Injury is now only applied when you get revenge from taking damage.


  • Revenge mode Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usually hilt)
  • maximum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 32.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -16.1% to -10.6%
  • Revenge gain by Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usually hilt)
  • maximum bonus decreased from 36.2% down to 24.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -12.1% to -8.0%
  • Revenge mode attack (found on Weapon part 3, usually guard)
  • maximum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 24.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -16.1% to -8.0%
  • Revenge mode duration (found on Helm part)
  • maximum bonus decreased from 54.0% down to 25.0%%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -18.0% to -8.3%
  • Sprint Speed (found on Chest part)
  • The maximum bonus decreased from 18% down to 9%
  • The maximum penalty decreased from -6.0% to -3.0%


  • All Daily Orders and Contract Orders can now be done in PvP and PvAI without distinction.
  • Added Daily Orders that can be done regardless of the game mode you play.


  • Team icons disappear from the chat window once the chat has timed out.
  • Players will no longer be paired on the same team when paying in 1v1 Duel after re-inviting a player who has quit

PC specific


  • FIXED: Some players with newer Mobile Graphics Cards are unable to switch the game to exclusive full screen mode
  • FIXED: Game sometimes gets stuck for 15-20 seconds on the “Exit to World map” pop-up after completing a match
  • FIXED: Game freeze on the World Map for some players
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on processing message after confirming outfit purchase pop up when social page is in the background
  • FIXED: Uplay achievement title and description are inversed for “Complete the Samurai Chapter”
  • FIXED: Payment window does not disappear when closing the Uplay overlay with the mouse


  • FIXED: Scrolling in the Moveset screen affecting both lists at the same time (Hero Specific & Moves)
  • FIXED: Players are unable to apply background or Symbols for a second time after opening and closing the Uplay overlay
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on processing/need more steel screen on confirming the feat purchase pop up while hero preview is in background
  • FIXED: In-game error messages not supporting 21:9 resolution
  • FIXED: Selection area of Feats in story mission loadout is too big
  • FIXED: Multiple broken mapped icons
  • FIXED: Keyboard layout screen is missing when a steam controller is connected
  • FIXED: Placeholder button prompt are displayed after disconnecting and reconnecting a steam controller
  • FIXED: Item thumbnail doesn’t get refreshed properly if the player clicks an item while dismantling another in the scavenge reward screen
  • FIXED: Mouse click for the client does not work on the warning pop-up, after the host leaves any PvAI session
  • FIXED: “Scroll Up” and “Scroll Down” buttons on Credits page are not clickable
  • FIXED: Tips on Controls page contain old button prompts when a player makes changes in Key mappings and then performs Reset to Default
  • FIXED: Mouse wheel scrolling through parameters of Custom Match on Map Overview is not functional
  • FIXED: Input is not disabled if game is minimized or an overlay (UPlay, Steam) is visible


  • FIXED: Nobushi hidden stance having a smaller input cone than other “down” stances
  • FIXED: Nobushi hidden stance is not working with Steam Controller native controls
  • FIXED: Steam Controller not switching to menu binding when opening the Menu while in Guard mode
  • FIXED: in-game menu is not invoked when a PS4 controller is disconnected


  • “ALL Chat” is now the default scope for text chat in the Duel Game mode
  • FIXED: Players are unable to use text chat in the lobby on re-match


  • FIXED: Windows key is now working in borderless and exclusive fullscreen when in the menus
  • FIXED: Win+Shift+Arrow key behavior in borderless and fullscreen:
  • It was possible to move the window outside the viewable space
  • It was not following the microsoft standard “wraparound” o It was not working with Arrow UP/DOWN
  • FIXED: When minimising after using the shortcut, the game went to the wrong monitor