Neues Update für Crackdown 3 zum Download

Flying High

Für "Crackdown 3" auf dem PC und der Xbox One wurde ein neues Update veröffentlicht, das unter anderem den Agency Wingsuit in die Kampagne bringt. Das sogenannte "Flying High"-Update liefert ausserdem neue Waffen (Nah- und Fernkampf) sowie 14 weitere Erfolge (500 GS). Die Übersicht liefert die Infos.

Flying High

  • Today we bring you the Flying High update for Crackdown 3 Campaign. In this update you will find an Agency Wingsuit. Take to the skies and compete in Wingsuit races. Bring MORE BOOM to the game with all new weapons like the Cluster Duck grenade, Hellstorm Flare or Agency Peacekeeper Beacon. Last but not least, we have FOUR MORE elemental melee weapons like the Flaming Sword, Electric Hammer, Ice Mace and Chimera Axe. Go to town and collect 14 new achievements and 500 Gamerscore.

Ley Adjustments

  • Once you collect 75% of all Agility Orbs in the game, we’re boosting the signal for any remaining ones, meaning you’ll now be able to see and hear them from farther away.
  • Similarly, once you collect 75% of all Hidden Orbs, you’ll now be able to hear remaining ones from farther away. (Obviously since they’re “hidden”, you still have to look around and find them in the world. We can’t make it too easy on you.)
  • Remember: You can track your Orb collection stats on the “Select Agent” screen in-game, or by checking your progress toward Crackdown 3 Achievements.

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