Termin für Commander '85

Neuer Trailer zum Adventure

Der Publisher Ultimate Games und der Entwickler The Moonwalls haben angekündigt, dass "Commander '85" am 30. September 2020 für PC (Steam) und Xbox One erscheinen wird. PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch haben noch keinen Termin bekommen. Der Titel, der auch im neuen Trailer zu sehen ist, wird als Mischung aus Adventure, Retro-Sci-Fi-Thriller, Survival und Hacker-Simulator beschrieben.

Features von Commander '85

  • Historical setting featuring the culture and technology of the 1980s. Includes various Easter eggs and nostalgic references.
  • Innovative artificial intelligence system affected by every choice and decision, which allows for various plot twists and different endings.
  • Randomly generated plot points and elements of the player’s surroundings make every adventure interesting and exciting.
  • Numerous additional tasks and optional activities further vary the gameplay each time.
  • Radio stations created especially for the game – with programs, commercials, and music, to help really immerse you in the atmosphere of the times.
  • Numerous games and programs you can install, run and delete from the Commander.
  • Graphics inspired by VHS recordings, with additional sequences in the style of period-specific movies.
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