Catherine Classic für PC bekommt erstes Update

30 FPS-Bug & andere Probleme behoben

"Catherine Classic" für den PC hat das erste Update bekommen, das sich unter anderem um den 30 FPS-Bug sowie andere Probleme kümmert (siehe Changelog). Allerdings hat das Update noch den Beta-Status.


Catherine Classic - erstes Update

  • Y Camera Axis fixed in boss stages
  • Japanese in game audio selection now changes effects to JP
  • Numlock no longer aggressively forced
  • Steam icons cached : will not change to Xbox 360 icons when game is out of focus when using PS4/Steam controller
  • Tutorials now use correct pad type display
  • Mouse cursor updated from live position
  • Cutscene cameras now interpolate between logic frames
  • Puzzle cameras now interpolate between logic frames
  • Characters now interpolate movement and animations between logic frames
  • Audio sink for WMV playback consistent with game device selection
  • Config option AUDIOFOCUS added to ini file, set to 1 to keep game audio when game is not in focus
  • Scores are validated as being possible before allowing them to display on the leaderboards
  • Pause now shows on screen when paused
  • Adjusted timings for the sheep on the title screen to be consistent across languages
  • Fixed mouse select for questions
  • Fixed blurred cutscenes
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