Neuer Operator für Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Playlist-Update & mehr in dieser Woche

Infinity Ward hält Neuigkeiten für "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" und "Warzone" bereit. So wird in dieser Woche ein neuer Operator namens Iskra erscheinen. Legendäre Waffen sowie ein Playlist-Update ("3v3 Gunfight Knives Only", "Rusty Ship 24/7") stehen ebenfalls auf dem Programm. Die Übersicht liefert Details.


Modern Warfare & Warzone in dieser Woche

  • Iskra, an Urzikstani native, returns to Verdansk with the Chimera Faction to stop the growing Al-Qatala threat. Available in a Store bundle, get Iskra alongside two new Legendary weapons that seamlessly provide a lethal loadout for Warzone and Multiplayer. Iskra’s bundle also includes the ‘Savagery’ helicopter vehicle skin, an Epic Finishing Move, and more for a total of ten items befitting a Tier One Operator.
  • Need a little more boom? Play Demolition, the latest objective mode added to Modern Warfare that gives all offense players bombs to demolish two sites.
  • Shine bright on the battlefield with the ‘Twin Suns’ bundle. This elite set of gear boasts both an LMG and handgun Legendary blueprint that favor silent, but deadly approaches to combat. Put these in a loadout paired with the Dead Silence Field Upgrade and a Throwing Knife for a tactical arsenal tailored for stealth eliminations.
  • Get your trio together and take a stab at taking down the competition in 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only. This playlist checks the firepower at the door in a favor of a leaner and lethal loadout. Throw, melee, or use a Finishing Move to win six rounds and claim victory.
  • Add more variation to your close-range engagements in the Shoot the Rusty Ship 24/7 playlist. Battle across these distinct locales in objective and deathmatch modes. Get a complete lay of the land in the Games Blog tactical map guides to Rust, Shipment, and Shoot House to get the intel to help you come out on top.
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