Heute Battlefield V-Update 7.3

DICE behebt einige Fehler

Nach dem großen Herbst-Update veröffentlicht DICE für "Battlefield V" heute das eher kleine Update 7.3, das sich um einige Fehler kümmert und Verbesserungen enthält (siehe Changelog).


Fixes, Changes & Improvements

  • We’ve updated our loading screen with new artwork
  • Fixed an issue that was causing for some players who were accessing Battlefield V via EA Play to show as Trial Users
  • The correct rank is now shown in Your Company
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Rank Up message from appearing during midround
  • Friendly Name tags are correctly disabled when name tags mutator is set to OFF
  • The Serpentine paint job is now available in The Company for the Corsair F4U-1C
  • The New Zealand plane paint job correctly displays when in the Corsair F4U 1-A cockpit view
  • The Hazard Skin is now correctly available for both Male and Female Soldiers
  • Ensured that the minimum players mutator in Community Games remains the same as the previous selection when switching game size from 64/32 players, to 16
  • The Loose Part hairstyle is now correctly available to unlock via The Company

Die neuste Auskopplung des erfolgreichen Franchises.

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