Aerial_Knights Never Yield in Entwicklung

3D-Sidescroller für PC & Next-Gen

Der Publisher Headup Games wird den akrobatischen 3D-Sidescroller "Aerial_Knights Never Yield" Anfang 2021 für PC (Steam), Xbox Series X und PlayStation 5 veröffentlichen. Spielszenen sind im neuen Trailer zu sehen.


  • Take the role of Wally. A mysterious kid out to recover items from his past with the hope of saving what’s left of the future. Hopefully, you’re fast enough to outrun your enemies and expose the truth. Or at least live long enough to see what happens.


  • Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is a 3D side-scroller that plays much like a classic endless runner. The game has an interesting story that keeps players always in motion. Run, Jump, Slide or “Dash” for acrobatic variants leading to dope combinations and avoid the challenges that await. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is being built for players who love to speedrun games while being an experience that casual players will enjoy as well.


  • This Soundtrack for Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is being done by “Danime-Sama” A Detroit artist with vocals from black artists from all over the world.
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