Termin für A Tale of Paper

Neuer Trailer zum Origami-Plattformer

Der Entwickler Open House Games hat angekündigt, dass der Origami-Plattformer "A Tale of Paper" am 21. Oktober 2020 für die PlayStation 4 erscheinen wird. Der Titel wird als emotionales Adventure eines Papierjungen namens Line beschrieben, der Origami benutzt, um die Träume seines Schöpfers zu erfüllen. Ein neuer Trailer ist ebenfalls verfügbar.

Features von A Tale of Paper

  • Help a fragile and endearing paper to fulfill the dream of his creator – Embark on an adventure of loss and hope through the eyes of Line, a paper boy who magically came to live. Assist him escape from unusual dangers and bring him the strength he will need to reach the end of his journey.
  • Use the origami to overcome obstacles – Master Line’s origami transformations to reach new levels, solve light puzzles and complete platforming sequences.
  • Discover our world from a different perspective – Experience a super-sized world through the eyes of a small paper boy.
  • An experience without text – You will live the story through the world and its objects. Explore a variety of levels each with its own ambiance and story to tell. Remember that visuals can be more powerful than words…
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