Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening 'Anders' trailer

Der neueste Trailer zu "Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening" stellt einen neuen spielbaren Charakter mit dem Namen "Anders" vor. Dieser ist ein Magier der vor Allem nach Freiheit strebt.


BioWare gab auch ein Statement zu diesem Charakter ab:

"Many mages chafe under the Chantry's control, and Anders is no exception. Although most mages are brought into the Circle at a young age, Anders was an adolescent by the time the templars found him: he had an understanding of the outside world and knew full well what he was missing. To him, the walls of the Circle Tower were nothing more than a prison. A born troublemaker, Anders repeatedly broke out of the tower, displaying great ingenuity. But for all his resourcefulness and talent, he could never quite elude the templars. It's a lucky thing that Anders despises blood mages as much as the Chantry does, else he might have been executed as a suspected maleficarum long ago. In truth, all he wants is freedom--well, freedom, a good meal, and a pretty girl on his arm. That's not too much to ask, is it?"

Das erste Expansion Pack zu Dragon Age: Origins, inkludiert 5 neue Gefährten, ein höhergesetztes Level-Cap und vieles mehr um gegen das neue Übel: den Architekten bestehen zu können.