Crackdown 2 mit Xbox One kompatibel

Kostenloser Download

Das Open-World-Actionspiel "Crackdown 2" ist jetzt mit der Xbox One kompatibel und kann ausserdem kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.


Microsoft hat bekannt gegeben, dass das Open-World-Actionspiel "Crackdown 2", das im Juli 2010 für die Xbox 360 erschienen ist, ab sofort auch mit der Xbox One kompatibel ist. Und es kommt noch besser, denn der Download ist momentan kostenlos verfügbar. Die Grösse liegt bei 3,39 GB.

Features von Crackdown 2

  • Over-the-top Action: Become a genetically-enhanced Agent, capable of super-human feats as you take on the Agency’s enemies with no restrictions. Leap across rooftops, throw vehicles like toys, blow up entire streets! Take on all the city, and have a blast doing it!
  • Ultimate Multiplayer experience: Rediscover multiplayer gaming with 4 player co-op, 8 player PvE and 16 player PvP (Xbox Live Gold membership required for online multiplayer.)
  • Play your own way: Any objective can be taken on at any time, in any way… We give you the weapons, the gadgets, the vehicles and the skills. How you use them is up to you.
  • Huge city: A huge city to roam, climb and explore. Do you have what it takes to find all the Orbs in Pacific City?
  • Play your way: Take any objective in any order, at any time. You decide how to play! Use anything you can pick up as a weapon and combine gadgets, items, and explosives in your personal style of destruction. The only limit to the mayhem is your imagination!
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