Armed Assault

Zum Release gibt es gleich den ersten Patch

Publisher Morphicon hat auf der offiziellen Webseite direkt zum Launch von Armed Assault einen ersten Patch zum Download bereitgestellt.

Hier der Changelog:



  • Significantly improved general performance of the German version
  • Improved performance on shading detail and texture detail very low
  • Optimized grass implementation
  • Fixed bug in texture management: All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

    Stability and Security:

  • Some crash opportunities in multiplayer fixed.

  • Crash when out of videomemory fixed
  • Removed function exportLandscapeXYZ


  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Combat reaction improvements


  • Dedicated server related improvements


  • Improved missions endings in various conditions
  • Fixed mission duration info


    1.01 - Fixed: Some users disconnected from the MP session after several minutes

    1.01 - Fixed: Modified config test is obsolete and no longer supported.
    Use verifySignatures=1 in the server.cfg to verify data are not modified by clients.
    Note: this currently prevents using any 3rd party addons as they are not signed.

    1.01 - Fixed: Lowering terrain grid increased overall settings indication.

    1.01 - Fixed: Window flags changed to improve full-screen window border handling.

    1.01 - New: Support for improved UI in dialogs during joining to dedicated server

    1.01 - Changed: normal maps are not used when using "shading quality" "very low"

    1.01 - Improved: AI pathfinding failing less often now

    1.01 - Removed: function exportLandscapeXYZ

    1.01 - Fixed: Tonemapping was not involved in the flare color calculation

    1.01 - Fixed: NULL RT texture can be created now if possible as a shadow buffer resource - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia SB technique

    1.01 - Fixed: 1x1 texture is created now as a shadow buffer resource, when using retail version of the DX - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia or ATI SB techniques

    1.01 - Fixed: Fixed bug in texture management. All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

    1.01 - Fixed: crash when out of videomemory

    1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not react to change formation command

    1.01 - Fixed: AI more actively scanning visually for enemy when his position is not known.

    1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes planned path through walls

    1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not found path around mountains

    1.01 - Fixed: Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.'

    1.01 - Fixed: Dedicated server can retranslate Voice Over Net packets

    1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when exiting multiplayer game.

    1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when hosting MP session

    1.01 - Fixed: LOD selection for clutters was not working properly

    1.01 - Fixed: Very low shading quality settings now invoke usage of very cheap shader for trees

    1.01 - Fixed: Display for mission selecting / voting on dedicated server - mission list fixed

    1.01 - Fixed: Crash in multiplayer lobby screen

    1.01 - Fixed: Debriefing - mission duration info was wrong in campaign

    1.01 - Fixed: Command interface, with ALT held should move cursor

    1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to soldier being hit nearby.

    1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to friendly units observed being killed.

    1.01 - Fixed: AI reaction improved for enemies disembarking vehicles.

    1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for dedicated server console output.

    1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for debugger output (OutputDebugString)

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