Vanguard - Saga of Heroes

Update 3 ist da

Zur Weihnachtszeit ist das große Update drei erschienen, welches jede Menge Neuerungen in das Spiel einbindet. Es gibt einen 40 Mann Raid Dungeon und Khal ist nun komplett neu gestaltet.

Hier gibt es noch die lange lange Patchliste in englisch:

***Game Update 3 / Holiday Update

**1. Ancient Port Warehouse
2. Overland Raids
3. Raid Features & Functionality
4. Khal Revamp
5. Optimizations
6. New Player Housing
7. Holiday Content
8. Additional Patch Notes

**1. Ancient Port Warehouse
**The Ancient Port Warehouse is Vanguard’s premiere raiding dungeon. It is a massive underground complex with many unique encounters. Ancient Port Warehouse is intended for the high end raiders in Vanguard and will feature end game adventuring, crafting and diplomacy content.

In order to gain access to the Ancient Port Warehouse, adventurers must first eliminate the threat that is posed by the emergence of one of the dragon’s servants sent to scout the lands above. Kipcel the gnome stands before the Ancient Port Warehouse with his plea, answer it and access will be yours.

**Nestled beneath the Port of Innovus, the Ancient Port Warehouse of Thestra is a marvel of engineering and ancient crystal technology. A brilliant gnome inventor, Professor Hopton, designed and built the Warehouse for the Cartheon Empire over a thousand years ago. The warehouse was thought destroyed in the cataclysm, and its vast sum of treasures lost.
With the arrival of the undead Cartheon legions on Thestran soil, the warehouse has been rediscovered. The Cartheon senator, Demetrius, seeks a relic of unimaginable power he knows to be hidden within: The Argent Coil. Should this powerful relic fall into Cartheon hands, it is only a matter of time before the kingdoms of Thestra are crushed. Only a band of worthy heroes can hope to stop Demetrius before it is too late. The Cartheons, however, are not the only dangers lurking within.
The warehouse itself is protected by an army of colossal metal guardians gone haywire. Adventurers will also need to contend with the sinister Professor Vercel and his Metalheads, gnome warriors equipped with the latest crystal powered armor suits. Fortunately, some respite can be found with the benevolent Children of Hopton, who stand opposed to Vercel and are engaged with him in a bloody civil war.
If the heroes are to win the race for The Argent Coil then they will have to ally with the Children of Hopton and stand against Professor Vercel and Senator Demetrius. Only then can they repair the warehouse’s core processor and acquire Professor Hopton’s lost treasure – the only known protection against the breath of the mighty dragon, Kotasoth. Kotasoth, the present keeper of The Argent Coil, is a plague ridden and malevolent beast that has grown powerful through centuries of sleep, and feasting on those foolish enough to tread into the lowest depths of the warehouse. It is only through Kotasoth’s defeat that the The Argent Coil can be recovered and its threat to the free races of Telon eliminated.

Over 40 new quests
 - Civic diplomacy
 - High end crafting content
 - Inclusive riftway portal system
 - Lots of new (and powerful!) items

**2. Overland Raids
**To complement Ancient Port Warehouse, we have also added two overland (i.e. not in a dungeon) raid encounters. Jagund Wavebreaker and the Prime Warden of Nusibe. These are for high end adventuring players.

Jagund Wavebreaker
: Oceanwatch
For almost a thousand years, Jagund, the Wavebreaker, has ruled the northern sea of Thestra.  No ship has passed without his allowance, and all have either paid their dues, or been offered as sacrifice to the depths.  Deadly sirens hunt the northern sea with impunity, offering up their spoils to Jagund as tribute in return for his protection.

In the aftermath of the sacking of Targonor by the Cartheons, the sirens fell upon those ships foolish enough to flee into the northern sea.  Dozens of ships were lulled into the rocks and sunk, their crews carried off by the sirens while their treasures were heaped as offerings to Jagund.  Among the treasures was* Vaisa’s Horn, a relic of great power.

Vaisa, the spirit of the deep waters, had long ago gifted the Horn to the Sages Arcane to protect the humans’ ships from Sihari’s wrath. Finding the Horn amongst the wreckage of a Sages Arcane ship, Jagund came to realize it was he, not Sihari, who could control the sea.

For twenty years the Horn was thought lost by the Sages Arcane, returned to the depths from whence it came.  Now, Jagund’s possession of the Horn has come to the attention of the Sages.  The siren Licosea brings news of Jagund’s newfound mastery over the seas, and the growing army of the deep at his command.  Jagund must be stopped and the Horn recovered, or the tides of war will sweep all of Thestra away.

Prime Warden of Nusibe
: Nusibe Necropolis
In ages long forgotten beneath the sands of Qalia the Tehatamani Empire flourished.  Hidden between the brutal dark elves of Stiirhad and the ever-expanding Ahgramun Empire, the Tehatamani pharaohs ruled their people with wisdom and compassion.  To safeguard their beloved pharaoh, the priesthood selected the most faithful and devout of their ranks to fulfill a time honored tradition of being the prime warden of the Tehatamani.

The chosen ones would give themselves to the empire, offering up their life to a ritual sacrifice where their soul would be removed from their body and placed within the stone form of the Prime Warden.  The chosen would serve in this form until the pharaoh’s death, at which point they would accompany the pharaoh to the afterlife.

Most notable amongst the chosen is Soleq Su’Baht, last of the Prime Wardens.  Soleq was chosen to be Prime Warden of Pharaoh Nusibe, but in his service he was forced to do terrible deeds.  He slaughtered Nusibe’s enemies and preyed upon the Tehatamani people when Nusibe grew displeased.  He was Nusibe’s wrath, and he was powerless to oppose his master’s call.  Only in Nusibe’s assassination was Soleq released from his servitude.

The Tehatamani, eager to never suffer such horror again, abolished the ritual of the Prime Warden, and even abandoned the title of pharaoh to put Nusibe’s reign of terror behind them.  But now, with the theft of the Xakrin’s Ark of Ages, Nusibe has returned, and for some inexplicable reason, so too has Prime Warden Soleq.  Nusibe’s reign of terror is about to begin anew, and this time, the long knives of assassins cannot end it.

**3. Raid Features & Functionality
**Raids allow players to form a group or groups of players into a larger entity to accomplish goals that would otherwise not be possible with a single group.  A raid provides tools and facilitates a raid leader in managing a group of players that is usually much larger than a single group.

With this update, we have added our new raiding system to Vanguard, the details are as follows:

**Raid Creation
**A raid is created when the group leader converts their group into a raid by issuing a slash command, clicking on a button in the raid window, or by selecting the option from the list of group options. Raid size will be dependant upon the encounter but may be up to 24 players in a raid.

**Raid Dissolution
**A raid is dissolved and becomes a normal group when there is 6 or fewer players in the raid and the raid leader coverts it back to a group.  This can be done by issuing the same command or button press to create the raid.

**Joining / Leaving Raid
**Players are invited to the raid in the same manner that they are invited to a group. The player invited to the raid has the option to accept or to decline the invite.

Players can leave the raid at any time by simply leaving the group.

If the raid leader leaves the raid, raid leadership is assigned to another player in the raid.

**Raid Ranks
**There are three pre-defined ranks that players can have in a raid.

Raid Leader
The raid leader is essentially the group leader but is called the raid leader after the group reaches more than the max group size limit. The raid leader invites other raid to the raid. They have the ability to change the ranks of other players in the raid; changes loot options of the raid, remove people from the raid, and make another person in the raid the raid leader.

Raid Assistant
A raid assistant has additional privileges that allow him to assist the raid leader. The raid assistant can invite additional players to the raid, move players around in the raid interface, and issue raid alerts.
**Raid Member
A raid member has the ability to speak in the raid chat channel.

**Raid Chat
**A raid chat channel is created when the number of players in the group exceeds the single group size limit. The raid leader and raid officer chat names will be colored differently to denote their importance. Players may use /raid or /ra to type in the raid chat channel.

**Raid Icons
**A raid assistant and leader will have the ability to denote NPC’s or other players with icons above their heads for easy recognition by the raid.

**Raid Looting
**Raid looting options will be identical to group loot options and can only be modified by the raid leader.

**Raid Questing
**When in a raid, players will not be able to complete general solo or group quests. Players in the raid will only be able to advance and complete quests specifically designated as raid quests.

**Raid Experience
**Raids will be able to gain experience similar to normal size groups by killing NPCs. 

**Raid Alert Text
**The raid leader and officers will have the ability to send alert text to members in the raid. This will be done through a chat slash command. (/raidalert)  This text will display in the center of the screen for all players in the raid along with an alert sound.

**Raid Ready Check
**The raid leader and officers will have the ability to send a request to all players in the raid to see if they are ready to proceed.  Players will be presented with a popup box presenting the request with the option of selecting Yes or No.

**Lockout System
**The lockout system prevents players from engaging an NPC if they have recently killed that NPC and the lockout timer has not expired. 

The list of lockout timers can be seen by doing a /lockouttimerlist or clicking on the button in the raid interface.

**Raid Engagement
**When a raid engages an NPC, that NPC is now owned by the raid preventing any one else from interfering with their raid encounter.
Players outside of a raid will not be able to heal players in a raid that are engaged with a raid NPC.
Players invited to a raid after a raid NPC is engaged will not be able to assist the raid until those NPC's are killed or reset.
Raid NPC’s will have a limit on the number of players that can engage it.  Raids should only be created of the size as to the limit of the number of players the NPC can support. 

**4. Khal Revamp
**Khal gets a lot of foot (and ship!) traffic, and with that many people moving through the same area at a time, things tend to slow down a little bit. With that in mind, we’ve gone through and not only greatly improved the visual look and style of Qalia’s premiere port city but also optimized the art assets it uses, so that in addition to looking better it should perform better as well. Be sure to swing by and check it out!

**5. Optimizations (Character Occlusion)
**As always, we continue to work on further optimizing the game to improve player performance. To that end, with this update, we are implementing character occlusion. This feature will prevent a character from processing any animation, skinning, or rendering in situations where all parts of the object aren’t visible. In short, that means that if something is behind a wall and you can’t see it, you won’t need to take a performance hit from it. This should boost performance significantly in situations where there are many NPC’s and PC’s in an area that also contains many objects that can block out the visibility of the NPC’s and PC’s

To toggle character occlusion, simply go to the video tab in the settings menu and check the box next to “Character Occlusion”.

**6. New Player Housing
**Six new player housing islands are now available!

Each has their own crafting center and flying mount rental station, as well as other common player housing island facilities.

Raveosier’s Haven – Located off of Eastpoint
Bley’s Bluff – Located off of Serpantbone Coast.
Conner’s Retreat – Located off of Sundering Wastelands.
Gullo’s Grotto – Located off of Tawar Galan.
Isle of Mann – Located off of Mind’s Crown.
Lilly’s Sanctuary – Located off of Silius Flats.

**7. Holiday Content
Towns and cities alike within the world of Telon are heartily preparing for the Festival of Gloriann! Once a year during the wintery months, the tale of Atnas Claws and his spirit of giving imbue the cities with an aura of goodness. Towering trees adorned with lights can be seen glittering within the cities of Telon.

Be on the look out for an abundance of gifts and goodies! Those who have been extra nice may find their treats granting them something extra special!

Take a tour over the rooftops of Telon while riding on Randolph, the flying reindeer.

You too, can help spread the spirit of Glorian by decorating your own house or Guild Hall with numerous festive items, from neatly wrapped gifts to smiley faced snowman. We're not giving it all away, of course. Sometimes the best gift you can give is one of surprise! So make sure to log into game next week, gather your gifts and continue to spread the spirit of Glorian throughout Telon!

**8. Additional Patch Notes
**Vanguard Build 1933 Patch Notes 12/11/2007

- Weapon and spell casting skills will now increase more frequently at all levels
- Increased the damage on all melee damage over time attacks. This should make these attacks more attractive at all levels.
- Taunts - Most abilities that add hate have been greatly increased in effectiveness.
- Guild trophy buffs should now display their effects in their tooltips.
- Guild Halls should now have a proper upkeep of 50g
- Players will no longer get dismounted due to an offensive reaction (dmg shield, counter spell, etc)
- Theurgist Bernhard is no longer associated with a faction, he should now be willing to speak with anyone who might hail him.
- Quest items now stay in your inventory when you die (similar to soulbound items)
- The amount of experience needed to gain a refund point has been reduced for adventuring
- Some housing plots have been moved or adjusted to eliminate graphical problems. This includes issues such as grass poking through the floor or floating steps. This should not affect any furniture or other items you have placed in the house.
- Flying mount rentals have been reduced to 10 silver and time has been increased to 10 minutes
- Mem blur style abilities and charm can no longer be used to kill steal mobiles owned by some other person or group

- All Classes - All abilities that force targeting, such as rescues and abilities like Coercion, will now add an immunity to Target-Forcing that lasts for 30 seconds. While this immunity is active the target will not react to any force-target ability. The secondary effects of abilities, like Entwine, will still function normally.
- All Classes - Defensive Abilities, such as Adamant Foeman, have all been given a 30 second refresh timer. Any penalties, such as hate removal, have been removed. Text now explains that these abilities turn off auto-attack. This includes the following ability lines:
 - Adamant Foeman
 - Devout Foeman
 - Bleak Foeman
 - Parry
 - Deter
 - Swaying Step
 - Fence
 - Dodge
- All Classes - Ranged attacks (except "Ranged Attack" and "Warden's Ranged Attack") now cost energy instead of endurance.
- Bard – A number of changes have been made to bard DoT component processing.  A bard song that contains any number of damage over time components will now receive the benefit of flat damage bonuses (from any source, be it items, buffs or other song components) for the first component only rather, regardless of slot type.  If you composed a song using a 3 chorus DoT components and 3 verse DoT components, only the first chorus component would receive the flat damage bonus.
- Bard – Greatly increased the damage of Assonance of Pain and Dirge of Doom.
- Bard - Chorale of Calm Thought has changed. It now decreases energy costs by 10% and increases spell damage and accuracy by 2%. It is no longer modified by instrument mod and the effects of the song component are no longer cumulative when used more than once in a song.
- Bard - Lightning Kisses the Ground's crit vulnerability effect now lasts a maximum of 10 spell hits.
- Bard - Briel's Segue of the Sky is now Briel's Trill of the Clouds, It is now available at level 20.
- Bard - Briel's Aria of the Clouds has been removed from the game.
- Bard - it is no longer possible to make songs with levitate components. The two levitate components currently in the game have been replaced with one. This new levitate ability works just like the old song components. You and your group mates within 40m will be levitated. This effect will for 30 minutes.. Any songs that contain the old levitate component will need to be altered before they work properly again.
- Bard - Bard DoTs will now get amplified by intelligence.
- Bard - There have been a number of changes to bard invisibility song processing. The bard can no longer sing a song that has both a harmful effect (dot, debuff) and an invis component; there is an ingame message to let you know when you try to sing such a song. In addition, when a bard sings a song with a harmful component and then targets another player, those 2 players will enter a pvp contest (they will show on each other's aggro display and enter combat). These changes were made to improve pvp combat conditions, and also to fix the previous bard exploits where they could damage players while invis, and also become invis while in pvp combat.
- Bard - Fix for bard songs restarting if the bard is hit and has a damage shield on.
- Bard - Fix for bard songs hitting low level players who were immune to other forms of PVP damage.
- Blood Mage - Life Graft now has a 25m range.
- Blood Mage - Accelerated Regeneration now states the increments at which it regenerates health.
- Blood Mage - Inspirit now has a 25 meter range.
- Blood Mage - Lowered the amount of END used in Physical Transmutation to 99%. This is a temporary fix for this ability moving you out of your current Focus into Unfocused.
- Cleric - Divine Aura (preservation affinity) will now root the caster in place for the duration of the invulnerability. This effects can still be cancelled at any time.
- Cleric - Divine Barrier now lasts 10 seconds, down from 18. Its refresh has been lowered to compensate. It is now 8 minutes, down from 10.
- Disciple - You now have 2 forms. Immortal Jade Dragon and Celestial Tiger will now be available at level 10.
- Dread Knight - Inflame now adds a large amount of hate instead of forcing target.
- Monk - Canceling Aum Liat will now remove the runspeed portion of the buff.
- Monk - Deadly Adder Hand now deals damage over time in addition to the final damage of the ability. The final damage has been increased significantly.
- Monk - Immortal Crane Form will now properly stack with Aum Ti.
- Monk - Ignore Pain has changed. It now heals based on a percentage of your base hitpoints. A percentage based rune has also been added. This will absorb a portion of incoming damage for 20 seconds. Both the heal and the rune amounts increase with level.
- Monk - Secret of Ice and Secret of Fire now last until canceled or removed.
- Monk - Secret of Celerity now has a 5 minute reuse timer
- Monk - Secret of Celerity is now called Fists of Celerity. It is no longer affected by the 'one secret' limit.
- Monk - Slightly altered the progression of Secret of Ice. A new version is available at level 50 from your trainer.
- Monk - Deadly Adder Hand now shows the correct damage in the display description.
- Monk - Increased the damage added by Iron Fists.
- Monk - Storm Stride now costs 10 endurance rather than 1 Jin
- Monk - Magnificent Drunken Stagger now has a refresh of 5 minutes and costs 2 Jin.
- Monk - Reed in the Wind is now available at level 16 and its progression has been altered. Upgrades are available at level 30 and 44.
- Monk - Reed in the Wind now costs 10 endurance, has a refresh of 60 seconds and increases dodge chance by a larger amount. It no longer incurs global recovery.
- Monk - Deadly Adder Hand now deals damage over time in addition to the final damage of the ability. The final damage has been increased significantly.
- Monk - Find the Center now increases dodge instead of block. The refresh has been lowered to 5 minutes and the Jin cost has been reduced to 2.
- Monk - Wave hand in Clouds now has a refresh of 4 minutes and costs 4 jin. The damage has also been increased and is affected by strength.
- Monk - Diamond Body is now an innate ability earned at level 30 for Harmonious Body Monks. It now increases armor class by 30% and constantly purges poisons, diseases and curses. Looks like Harm Monks have been eating their green veggies.
- Monk - Dragon Stance and Harmonious Body Stance will no longer wear off after an hour.
- Necromancer - Probable fix for the necromancer pet bug (where it would get stuck attacking a corpse).
- Paladin - 'Shield of' type abilities will now become inactive when not wielding a shield.
- Psionicist - Temporal Shift is now increased by Phrenic Rage.
- Psionicist - Compression Sphere VIII now works with Thought Thief
- Psionicist - Suggestion III no longer has diminishing returns.
- Ranger - Increased the count for fletched arrows to 50 per assembly.
- Ranger - Added new ability line Raven Talisman at level 8. Please visit your trainers.
- Ranger - Replaced the Ranger learned ability (was Hawk Talisman) with a new ability line, Respite. Respite reduces all energy costs to 0 for 8 seconds and is an energy HoT over 8 seconds. Has a 5 minute refresh timer and is self only
- Ranger - Moved Hawk Talisman to level 32 and added it to trainers.
- Ranger - Increases ranged attack damage by 20%
- Ranger - Smockleaf now lowers energy costs by 10%
- Rogue - Flee now has a 10 minute refresh time
- Rogue - Smoke Trick now has a 25m range.
- Rogue - Imperil's diminishing returns have been reduced to 30 seconds and the energy cost has been reduced.
- Rogue - Imperil now grants a 100% bonus to criticals on the affected target. The duration is now 8 seconds and the refresh timer is 60 seconds, down from 2 minutes
- Rogue - Greatly increased the damage of Eviscerate
- Rogue - Removed the refresh timer from Ruin and increased the cost to 15 endurance.
- Rogue - Ruin is no longer a finishing attack and its properties have changed. It now lowers damage by 10-14%, accuracy by 12-16Oh % and no longer incurs global recovery. It also requires that you be stalking your target in order to execute.
- Rogue - Ravage now always stuns for 3 seconds and no longer incurs global recovery.
- Rogue - Clout is no longer a finishing Attack - It can be used at any time. It now costs 10 endurance and does not incur global recovery. The diminishing returns on this attack have been lowered to 30 seconds.
- Rogue - Death Whirl no longer has a refresh timer.
- Rogue - Lethal Strikes now stacks with Stalk.
- Rogue - Imperil now has a 36 second 100% diminishing returns timer. This timer is represented by a buff on the NPC.
- Shaman - Hamstring now has a 1 minute 100% diminishing return timer. This timer is represented by a Hamstring Immunity on the NPC that will be easily identified.
- Shaman - Ritual of Scarring no longer shares the same refresh time as Ritual of Sacrifice.
- Shaman - Ritual of Sacrifice IV now shares the same refresh timer as the rest of the RoS line.
- Sorcerer - Sanctuary abilities are now defesnive targted with an AE radius of 5m.
- Sorcerer - Removed the resistance buff portion of the sanctuary spells.
- Sorcerer - Your sanctuary abilities are no longer tied to the same refresh.
- Sorcerer - Seradon's Falling Star has been updated. It now has a 1 second cast time, increased mana cost, increased damage and 60 second refresh time.
- Sorcerer - Adjusted the time between counterspells from Chromatic Barrier so that it will reflect spells 2 times as quickly as before. CB I now reflects every 60 seconds and CBII reflects every 30 seconds.
- Warrior - Shout of Defiance no longer enrages your offensive target. It now increases your damage for a short time.
- Warrior - Reduced the hate bonus on your defensive for to 20%. This is being done to compensate for the dmg increase that has been given toe defensive form.
- Warrior - Coercion no longer incurs global recovery
- Warrior - Stinging Cut should now chain to Blade's Bite in all circumstances.
- Warrior - Cleave now has 36 second 100% diminishing returns. This means that it cannot be used on the same target more than once every 60 seconds.
- Warrior - Increased the damage of Overwhelm and lowered its refresh to 20 seconds, down from 45
- Warrior - Cleave is now available at level 40.
- Warrior - Destroy is now available at level 38.
- Warrior - Enrage is now available at level 28.
- Warrior - Charge II is now simply Charge. It increases movement speed by 75% and critical hit chance by 20% for 1 attack or 10 seconds. Can only be used outside of combat. It can now be trained at level 12.
- Warrior - Raise Defenses II is now called Barrage. It increases spell and ranged attack damage by 20% for 8 seconds and can be used once per minute. It affects your entire party. it can be trained at level 24.
- Warrior - Raise Defenses I is now simply Raises Defenses. It increases mitigation of all forms of damage (spell, melee) by 30% for 8 seconds and can be used once per minute. It affects your entire group.
- Warrior - Press The Attack II is now simply Press The Attack. It now affects your entire party.
- Warrior - Orders have now replaced some of your older group commands. Orders are buffs that have long durations and affect your entire party. You may only have one Order active at one time.
- Warrior - Most commands now affect the entire party instead of an individual. Withdrawal still only affects one target.
- Warrior - Charge I is now called Volley. It increases spell and ranged attack crit chance and damage by 5%. It can be trained at level 16.
- Warrior - Press The Attack I is now called Advance and Attack. It grants a 4% critical hit bonus for melee attacks.
- Warrior - Form a Line II has been removed from the game.
- Warrior - Grim Determination has been altered. The effect not depends on what form you are in when you use it. In offensive form it will return energy for 6 attacks (you attacking your target). In defensive form you will benefit from a small heal for 6 hits (you getting hit).
- Warrior - Disarm is no longer restricted to humanoid targets. It now reduces damage by 12% for 15 seconds and increases your targets hate by 20%.
- Warrior - Warder's Bulwark has been altered. It now increases mitigation by 6 to 8% and block chance by 12 to 14%. A new version of the attack has been added at level 50 and WB II is now trainable at level 40. Due to the changes in scaling and levels WB I and WB II now deal slightly less damage, while WB III deals more damage than was previously possible with this ability line.
- Warrior - Weapon Shield has been added. This is a passive ability that is active whenever you are in defensive stance and dual wielding. The effectiveness of this ability increases every 10 levels. Please note: You must be dual wielding to gain this buff. While in defensive it will become active when 2 one handed weapons are wielded and will become inactive if one of those weapons is replaced by something other than an alternate one handed weapon.
- Warrior - Shield of Carnage and Shield of Maiming have been removed from your ability line up. Their effects have been moved to other abilities.
- Warrior - Increased the duration of the stun portion of Stunning Bellow, from 7 to 14 seconds, depending on level. It now breaks in 2 to 3 hits depending on level.
- Warrior - Cleave has changed slightly. It now deals damage over time and causes all melee attacks against your opponent to be critical hits for 3 seconds. It no longer incurs global recovery. It still lowers mitigation by 30% for 60 seconds. It is also now available at level 38. It is also now available at level 40 and has a 36 second diminishing returns timer.
- Warrior - Defenseless has been replaced by Cleave. Cleave is now a single step, primary finishing attack available starting at level 40.
- Warrior - Taunting Strike is now called Sunder. Sunder is an attack similar to Brutal Strike in damage, but it hits your target and one additional nearby target. You must be dual wielding to use Sunder.
- Warrior - Shield Bash is now called Pommel Smash. It has the same exact properties as shield bash except that it requires you to be dual wielding.
- Warrior - Commander's Presence is a new passive ability that is earned at level 1. It provides a constant buff to your group. This effectively replaces Battle Frenzy in your lineup.
- Warrior - Battle Frenzy has been removed from the game. This has been replaced by a new passive ability called Commander's Presence.

- Harvesting now shows skill required to harvest
- The harvesting UI has been changed to include some additional data. It will now show the name of the harvesting node in the window with the percent left on the harvesting timer.  The harvested resources will now also show their names.  Rares harvested will now show in a window attached to the main harvesting window instead of the upper left hand corner.  In addition, if an additional item is harvested, the harvesting window will remain open.  This will also allow you to see additional items that would not normally displayed that are awarded at the very end of harvesting.
- Special crafting recipes are now taught by masterwork crafters Tanvu, Ahgram, and New Targonor. Be warned they want something in return.
- You can now train the amateur tier ammo case at a standard trainer
- Resonance dusts of Agony should now drop correctly from decons
- Majordomo Djarn, High Lord Obsiderru, and Karujin Gulgrethor have all found some time to take up crafting. I wonder what new goodies they might drop.
- All non enhanced elemental bows now add energy and constitution on top of their standard mods.
- All tables for deconstruction have been restructured so that all dusts have an equal chance of dropping. This will help get the more desirable dusts into players hands and hopefully reduce the cost of these items. Tables for resources have also been restructured making resource decon a little more rewarding.
- There is now a chance to fail during deconstruction. This will result in a failure item that can be sold regain some lost value.
- Resonance items that add abilities have had their descriptions modified to better explain what effect is being added.
- Removed redundant ability descriptions from upgraded crafting gear
- Fixed issue that caused gem drops on harvesting nodes to be much rare then desired.
- The temporary required level display has been removed from crafted bow descriptions.
- A number of higher level outfitter recipes were reporting the incorrect utility in the description. This has been fixed.
- Isle of Martin should now give proper crafting faction.
- Isle of Martin mailbox and vendors have been relocated to the crafting area.
- The harvesting UI has been changed to include some additional data. It will now show the name of the harvesting node in the window allow with the percent left on the harvesting timer. The harvested resources will now also show their names. Rares harvested will now show in a window attached to the main harvesting window instead of the upper left hand corner. In addition, if an additional item is harvested, the harvesting window will remain open. This will also allow you to see additional items that would not normally displayed that are awarded at the very end of harvesting.
- Normal crafted bags have had their slot amounts increased by two per grade.
- All rare and higher crafted cloaks should now have their levels adjusted properly when created
- Fixed bug causing teir 5 cloaks to use tier 4 continental effects
- Fixed Elemental charms so they are a little more worthwhile now
- Fixed description of Kojan continental effect
- Crafting recipes will now give XP as long as they are not trivial to your level

- Higher level entertain parleys for Civic Diplomacy now have a very slight chance to give Stone Focus Upgrade recipes.

- Items will now display their Item Level when appropriate.
- Sniper's Delight now adds to all accuracy instead of just ranged, adds 75 energy, and adds to all damage instead of just ranged.
- All ammo cases should now accept thrown weapons as ammo
- Sniper's pleasure now adds to all accuracy instead of just ranged and adds 50 energy.
- Sniper's Perfection now adds to all accuracy and damage instead of just ranged and adds 100 energy.
- Sniper's Joy now adds 25 energy.
- Fixed bug with ammo case effects making endurance based abilities use only 2% of their cost
- All crafted ammo cases now have a level requirement.
- The following items have had thier right click effect refresh timers increased to 15 minutes.
  - Skull Plated Breastplate
  - Palladium Breastplate
  - Flare Totem Tunic
  - Swamp Shaman Tunic
  - Fireweave Robe

- Ksaravi Gulch - The "capturable Ksaravi" will longer try to assist other Ksaravi.

- Food Source - Collecting the fallen aukfruit will no longer ding 3 times, and now opens a loot window.
- Meat for the Crew: The Lion Hunters will now drop meat as multi-loot. NOTE: If you are already on the quest, you will need to abandon and retake the quest. This will not remove what meat you already have.
- Ratatouille: The lasher rats will now drop their whiskers again so that delicious meal can be made. NOTE: If you are already on this quest, you will need to abandon and retake it. This will not remove any whiskers you already have.
- URT Quest: Inside Knowledge - If you missed Spirit of Wenden after finding the clues, he will now spawn for you again when you enter his room. NOTE: If you complete this quest, he will continue to spawn for you if you need to receive the next quest from him.
- URT Quest: Gathering the Ingredients has been adjusted. You will now be required to gather more than one of each essence. However, Lord Stormwynd's minions will now drop their essences at a more rapid rate and the drops are now multi-loot. NOTE: If you are currently on the quest, you will need to abandon it and accept it again from the Spirit of Wenden.
- URT Quest: Gathering the Ingredients - You will now be able to complete the quest if you accidentally hit the Cancel button. Leave the beacon room, walk back in and the quest dialog will pop up again.
- URT Quest: Somehow Fooled - This quest will now pop up again for you if you accidentally hit the Decline button. Leave the beacon room, walk back in and the quest dialog will pop up again.

- Fixed a bug with endurance regen from items. Unlike energy and hit point regen, endurance regen from items was unintentionally occurring every second.
- There have been some changes to pvp antigroup behavior. Pressing escape will no longer drop the player out of pvp combat. The new requirements to remove yourself from pvp combat is to move farther than 50m away from every player that is aggro on you (they are on your encounter display).
- Corpses will now decay while the player is online.
- Removed the perception check for the target of target.
- The LFG and LFM flags now default to off every time you log in, and the LFG flag will also be turned off when you get a group. Please remember to turn your LFG (looking for group) flag on when looking for a group, and group leaders should turn on their LFM (looking for more) flag when they want more group members to join them.
- Offensive target buffs & debuffs have been separated into 2 new windows.There is now an option to select which offensive target windows you want to see.  This can be accessed by going to the Main Menu, then to Settings, then clicking the Customize Windows button at the bottom of the Settings Screen. There is a vertical and a horizontal version for each of the windows. There will be more options coming soon to this window to allow you more customization of your interface.
- The player's particle throttle sliders will now save and load their previous settings properly.
- Fix for some occurrences of NPC "civil wars". Some NPC abilities were causing other NPCs to think they were healing the player, causing a civil war.
- Reactions are no longer canceled by hitting other non-reactions, some bugs with defensive reactions where the icon would be lit or unlit at the wrong time also fixed. Reactions that are not shared across forms when switching forms will be cancelled, but shared reactions will remain.
- Ships will now despawn after 24 hours if no one is on them and their owner isn't in the chunk.
- You can now filter out adventuring, crafting, or diplomacy quests in the quest tracker using three new options. These new options can be found with the other quest tracker options by opening the quest log/journal and clicking the "Auto-Track" button.
- Increased the number of quests you can have from 20 to 50.
- Items you receive will now prefer to go into any specialized equipped containers that they fit in, provided there are empty slots. So, if you buy crafting utilities they will go into your utility bag, arrows will go into your quiver, and things you harvest will go into special harvesting packs, etc... Note that tools are excepted from this, and they will just go into your general inventory as normal due to BOE issues that would arise if they automatically went into your toolbelts.
- Fixed a bug that was causing shadows to draw in multiple passes. This was causing a substantial performance hit in high quality mode.
- Sped up detailed shadows by not redrawing their texture when the shadow-casting character isn't viewable. Instead, the shadows will remain in the shape of the last-animated character's position.
- Added a new optimization setting "Character Occlusion". Enabling Character Occlusion will speed up scenes where there are many characters around the player, but few are visible (such as if there is a wall between your view and a group of characters). If no part of a character draws on your screen, it will stop animating, it will stop updating its shadows, and it will stop rendering.
- The length of the guild description / recruitment notes has been doubled due to popular request.
- Using a Mez may no longer result in a proc.
- Diplomacy and Crafting quests now show "(Diplomacy)" or "(Crafting)" after the name of the quest to distinguish them from adventuring quests. Longer term we would like to do this with different icons, but this was a quick way to help players see the difference in the short term.
- Stun effects on NPC's now set ability recovery timer as though it was a successful cast
- There have been some changes to pvp antigroup behavior.  Pressing escape will no longer drop the player out of pvp combat.  The new requirements to remove yourself from pvp combat is to move farther than 50m away from every player that is aggro on you (they are on your encounter display).
- The player's particle throttle sliders will now save and load their previous settings properly.
- Fixed a graphics card memory leak.
- Separated see invis and see stealth on NPCs.
- Items will now display their Item Level when appropriate.
- The length of the guild description / recruitment notes has been doubled due to popular request.
- Using a Mez may no longer result in a proc.
- Raised the flight ceiling for flying mounts.
- Adjusted camera angles for flying mounts. This should help players take better screenshots of themselves flying around.

- Fixed a fairly frequent, longstanding client crash.
- Increased autofollow range to 50meters.
- Made it so autofollow no longer breaks when switching defensive targets. It will now always go off of the target you had when you issued the /follow command.
- Fixed a performance issue with the client map
- Fixed a login crash
- The travel journal location tracking indicator on the compass now blinks when you select a new location.

- Fixed a social server crash
- Added dozens of server-side optimizations to reduce lag, a great deal of which is due to the help of our players on the Test Server! 

- Important for Custom UI's. VGUIHarvestingBonusYield.xml has been removed and its contents have been moved into VGUIHarvestingDisplay.xml.
- There is a new option in the settings window to toggle Vertical Sync on/off
- There is a new option in the settings window to toggle Triple Buffering on/off.
- The location/quest tracking indicator on the compass no longer completely disappears when you are facing away from the location it is trying to guide you to.  It now just stops at the left or right edge to let you know which way you should turn to find it.
- The travel journal location tracking indicator on the compass now blinks when you select a new location.
- Implemented UI optimizations that should speed up performance on the UI all around.
- Implemented UI window for the /claim command