Everquest 2: Kingdom of Sky

Neues Update

Heute wurde zum MMORPG-Addon "Everquest 2: Kingdom of Sky" ein neues Update veröffentlicht, welches diverse Fehler und Ungereimtheiten im Spiel ausbessert.

So werden einige Probleme im PvP Modus und dem Kampfsystem ausgebessert. Der Patch wird automatisch beim Start eures Everquest-Clients runtergeladen.

Hier ist die Changeliste, wo ihr die genauen Details in englischer Sprache finden könnt:

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

  • Characters will no longer be able to become indifferent with the Strifewing or Bloodtalon factions in the Barren Sky. These two factions will never be friendly to outsiders, even if they dislike each other and appreciate you helping to kill their enemies.
  • Bonecleave and Marrowgore no longer provide resists but instead give additional deflection.
  • The Lockless Chest quest now gives a choice of rewards each time it is completed.


  • Assassin: Vanish was changed to Exacting, which temporarily increases the damage and speeds up the reuse timers of all attack combat arts that have reuse timers of less than 1 minute.
  • Berserker: Juggernaut costs less health than before, and increases both critical hit and melee combat art damage.
  • Brigand: Band of Thugs is on a slightly longer reuse timer and the individual thugs have less hit points and damage than before.
  • Bruiser: Knockout Combination has a chance to stun enemies and deal additional damage for a short duration with every successful combat art they land.
  • Coercer: Possession no longer has periodic resist checks.
  • Conjuror: Plane Shift had its melee/spell criticals increased on its scout/mage pets, and health regeneration increased on the fighter pet.
  • Defiler: Defile causes enemies near the defiler to receive greater damage as they become closer to death.
  • Dirge: Oration of Sacrifice no longer has a reuse timer modification. It stifles the Dirge instead of stunning.
  • Fury: Call of Storms now has a 3 minute reuse timer.
  • Guardian: Obliterate is now a powerful melee attack that breaks through an enemy's defenses and lowers their defense modes.
  • Illusionist: Phase is much more cost effective than it was before.
  • Monk: Dragonbreath's arc area effect deals slightly less overall damage.
  • Mystic: Bolster had its percentages slightly lowered.
  • Paladin: Castigate dispels hostile effects from the paladin and damages all nearby enemies for each hostile effect removed.
  • Shadowknight: Pestilence is a DoT that continues to spread to other enemies in an area, as long as they have Pestilence active while they are killed.
  • Swashbuckler: En Garde will always trigger when the caster or enemy uses any defense modes, and grants the swashbuckler additional chances at dealing damage while using combat arts.
  • Troubador: Jester's Cap has an icon to indicate how long the recipient of the spell is immune to Jester's Cap.
  • Wizard: Fusion's arc was increased in size.

    *** Achievements ***

  • Maintained spells that are modified through achievements (e.g. Riana's Spiteful Sustain affected by Bard Achievement Minstrel's Melody) will be reapplied correctly upon zoning or going out and back into the range of the spell.

    *** Player-versus-Player ***

  • Spells that carry a chance to break in combat from damage or hostile actions should now reflect the same chance in both PvP and PvE.

  • If you group with someone higher level than you, you can no longer engage anyone that they can not engage. However, anyone that can normally engage you still can. For example, if a 50 groups with a level 10:
  • 50 Is open to attack from anyone level 1 - 58
  • 10 Is open to attack from anyone level 1 - 58
  • 50 Can attack in Range 42 - 58
  • 10 Can attack in Range 42 - 58
  • Neither can attack in range 10 - 18
  • Your resists and mitigation receive neither a bonus nor a penalty due to player level ranges in PvP. Now, success in PvP is based more on how a player uses their arsenal of abilities and gear than simply a level difference.
  • Think twice before zoning with player hate because they might just follow you. Zoning with player hate will result in 30 seconds of time in which you can not zone again.

    *** Zones and Population ***

  • The Freeport Militia has reinforced its troops within the Freeport Ruins with more seasoned members.

    *** Items ***

  • Most creatures in the game will no longer be immune to low-quality weapons.

    *** Combat ***

  • Debuffs that lower max health will no longer heal their target when they wear off.