Two Worlds

Patch 1.4 steht zu download bereit.

Anders als andere Entwickler lassen die Jungs vom Two Worlds Team nicht lcoker und entwickeln das Spiel immer weiter. Die Fans haben im Forum Vorschläge bereitet welche teilweise im neuen Patch umgesetzt wurden.

Der Patch ist 300 MB groß für diejenigen, welche von Version 1.0 Patchen und 170 MB von Patch 1.3 aus. Um zum download zu gelangen folgt einfach diesem Link und klickt dort in der rechten Seite auf Updates.

Hier noch die englsichen Patchnotes:


**) - Monsters strength and HP rebalanced
*) - Bandits strength rebalanced
*) - Bows strength rebalanced
*) - Melee combat weapons rebalanced
*) - Traps rebalanced
*) - Magic rebalanced
*) - Skills rebalanced
*) - Skill requirements rebalanced
*) - Equipment requirements rebalanced
*) - Weight rebalanced
*) - Objects stacking rebalanced
*) - fighting from horse - not so powerful
*) - Immunity added to some enemies (e.g. skeletons are immune for piercing and slashing, fire dragons are immune to Fire)

New features:

  • Faster graphic rendering on nVidia Graphic Cards.
  • Moving/selling multiple objects - with Left Ctrl pressed.
  • Vit., Str., Dex., Willp. - timed potion effect displayed in inventory.
  • Inventory space increased.
  • New graphic settings added DOF, Horizon, water reflections, hit info, player info
  • Bow auto aiming option added
  • Magic aiming cursor visible even if attacking spell is not highlighted
    *) - Killing NPCs inside houses - invisible for other NPCs
    *) - 4 new armour sets added.
    *) - More Animals in villages (hens, ducks, gooses).
    *) - Magic shop near first teleport in Komorin.
    *) - Brotherhood shop at Vesit Delurna Coral.

    Fixed bugs:

    *) - Soulpatcher gives more points than you actually have - fixed.
    *) - Quest with Nellor - fixed
    *) - Fariel is dying killed by spider.
    *) - Death strike skill fixed.
    *) - Guards harassing player after paying one of them with 30% - fixed
    *) - torches stacking

  • Many clipping bugs on various maps - fixed.
  • Disarming arrow - crash - fixed
  • Not working heavy maces -fixed
  • Bombs explosions - fixed
  • Horse behaviour - improved
  • screens zooms while upgrading a skill
  • game crash when buying spell card magic hammer and trying to add it directly to my active spell.
  • If you set the spell bar focus to a defensive spell you can't use a hotkey of any offensive spell that needs a target because the char doesn't aim (and all the spells will hit the floor). It would be good if the cross-hair is always visible