Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

Erster Patch ist online

Ubisoft hat nun kurz nach dem Release einen ersten Patch zum Download bereitgestellt.

Über unseren Download-Link könnt Ihr direkt den gut 60 MB schweren Bugfix downloaden. Hier eine kleine Liste der Verbesserungen:

  1. Various text in the menu system was edited and fixed.

  2. Increased time-out on the "connecting" page to 30 seconds.

  3. Fixed: Bug with the On-line Game Finder feature.

  4. Synchronized the aircraft flying and mission start sequence.

  5. Made improvements to enhance performance of game-pad/Joystick controllers.

  6. Fixed: Results page for "Squad Bombing Run" missions now show "wins" by the Blue Team properly.

  7. Fixed: Respawn limits now function correctly in "Squad Capture Base" missions.

  8. Fixed: Issues that didn't allow the player to properly complete the mini-campaign are corrected.

  9. Fixed: "Squad Capture Base" missions now function properly in all cases.

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