Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Patch online

Auch an die Besitzer des Addons wurde gedacht und ebenfalls ein Patch auf V 1.6 online gestellt.

Hier die Feature-Liste:

  • Generals’ night fighting ability is granted at 4 stars rather than 5
  • We have fixed the "memory leak" slowdown that was seen on the Campaign map during extended play
  • Loyalty is now available with all shadow factions.
  • The faction leader will now not revolt.
  • When a horde is created, horde units are no longer added to existing armies that occupy forts.
  • We have fixed a bug that causes hordes to avoid fighting armies on bridges on the campaign map.
  • We have given Gratianus Flavius a unit of Imperial German Bodyguards to fix a missing general's unit bug in the starting positions.
  • We have made fixes to settlement tax updating, so that it correctly updates tax policy when changing governors
  • We fixed a bug that caused diplomats to gather at extreme southwest corner of map in some cases.
  • Fixed crash where settlement recruitment queue for rebellions was exceeding max size.
  • The Marriage Event trigger now works.
  • There are a large number of changes to the balance of the game in response to the extended play that has been done by forum users.
  • Fixed an issue where disembarkation paths were being left on the terrain.
  • The Nomad voices have been changed from Greek to Barbarian.
  • We have fixed crash where settlement recruitment queue for rebellions was exceeding max size.
  • Improvements have been made to prevent men spilling around the base of siege towers.
  • There was a pathfinding issue that made river battles very slow. This has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made to the AI when orchestrating Skirmish Maneouvres.
  • The AI will now use 'fire at will' with idle units so that they throw pila at nearby enemies.
  • The AI will now make a decision about throwing pila before charging into combat based on the location of enemy units.
  • The unit experience upgrade "sparkling" effect can now be turned off using the UNITEXPERIENCEUPGRADE_EFFECT tag in preferences.txt.

    Den Patch 1.5 für das Hauptprogramm benötigt ihr nicht. Das gute Stück wiegt übrigens knappe 59 MB und ihr müßt zum Download einfach nur unserem Link folgen.

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