Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Spektakuläre Screenshots / Q&A Chariot Race

Ubisoft hat uns mal wieder die volle Ladung Media-Blowout beschert. Übrig geblieben sind davon 5 atemberaubende Screenshots die den Prinz in rasanter Pferdewagen-Action zeigen.

Zusätzlich gibt es noch ein Question&Answer bezüglich der Pferderennen. Wer der englischen Sprache mächtig ist dürfte hiermit keine Probleme haben:

Why did you decide to include chariot races in the game?

The chariot race is a new exotic gameplay we are introducing in POPT2T to expand and diversify the gaming experience. We’re always trying to create new sensations for the players and the chariot race is a good example of how we’re bringing a fresh experience to the POP franchise.
Besides, these chariot sequences totally serve our storyline and our game system. The Prince is back in Babylon and finds himself hunted by a hostile enemy army. He needs to escape his pursuers by all possible means, which includes a chariot on a few spectacular occasions.
Thanks to the chariot sequences, the Prince will get to travel outside Babylon, which adds even more variety to the already very rich POP2T2 environments.

What kind of gameplay can we expect in these chariot races?

We are building these chariot sequences to be huge adrenaline rushes for the players. They will be very fast paced and packed with spectacular events. The Prince will drive his chariot at full speed in narrow streets of Babylon or in the outskirts of the city which are teeming with Sand Creatures. The roads are not safe in Babylon as it is ravaged by war. The Prince will have to steer the chariot to avoid obstacles and enemies driving other chariots or trying to jump on his. We also paid a lot of attention to cameras in order to create very cinematic shots and give a great sense of speed to the players.

How does the control system work in the chariot race?

The controls will be very intuitive. Both the steering and the fighting system on the chariot will be very easy to pick up so that the player can focus on what’s happening in front of his horses. And there will be a lot of obstacles and enemies to avoid on the road! In the end the players will get both accessibility and a tough challenge.

What happens if the Prince is thrown out of the chariot or crashes into an obstacle?
The Prince will always be able to rewind time for a few seconds thanks to his Time Powers and try the specific action once again.

What has been your inspiration on chariot races?
Be sure we played all racing games with huge crashes and cinematic cameras out there! That was our main source of inspiration to design those sequences. Of course we also watched a lot of epic movies such as Ben Hur and Troy, and the chariot race scene from Willow, to give a sense of realism to the races.