Killer 7 für PC veröffentlicht

Neue Umsetzung im Launch-Trailer

NIS America und Grasshopper Manufacture haben "Killer 7" für den PC veröffentlicht (inklusive des Launch-Trailers). Die Cutscenes wurden an 16:9 angepasst. Das gesamte Spiel wird mit 60 FPS gerendert, außer die Reload-Animation. Weitere Features stehen in der Übersicht.

PC-Features von Killer 7

  • All drawn animation sequences have been upgraded to fit the new 16:9 aspect ratio offered by modern computer devices.
  • The entire game is rendered at 60 FPS except the “reload” animation. We found that increasing the frames to 60 FPS during the “reload” animation introduces unwanted artifacts at every other frame, so in order to keep the behavior true to the original, we’ve locked this animation to 30 FPS. Ultimately, our goal was to update as many parts of the game as possible without compromising the quality of the gameplay, and we aimed to achieve that with how the game was presented and experienced as a whole.
  • Players have a variety of options for reconfiguring key bindings. We’ve split up couple of the actions that are possible to make the game experience natural for KB/M users. For example: “Walk”, “Accept”, and “Fire” were originally bound to A button on GameCube. We’ve given the option to split them up into individual button configuration, so you can walk with “W” and fire with “LMB.”
  • Players can now quickly swap between Harman’s different personas using the number keys 1-6 on the keyboard (configurable).
  • “Restore health” QOL feature has been added as a key. (Which was normally only possible from the menu)
  • Many 2D puzzles that were originally made in 4:3 ratio have been reworked to 16:9 ratio.
  • Many 2D assets have updated textures to match the new 1080p resolution offered by current computer devices. This ensures that while the resolution is higher, everything appears crisp and clear.
  • All of Travis's shirts are crystal clear in the Steam version!

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