Galactic Civilizations 2: Dreadlords

Details zum kommenden Patch

Heute sind die ersten Details zum kommenden Patch des diesjährigen Überraschungshits "Galactic Civilizations 2: Dreadlords" publiziert worden - allerdings nur in Englisch.

So werden mit dem Update diverse Verbesserungen bei dem Balancing vorgenommen, welche den Spielspaß anheben sollen. Abschließend ist hier noch der genaue Changelog der Entwickler:

• The ability to set a given planet as a technology, research, ship building or balanced planet, . NOT like the overall focus. It would literally add a 9% boost to a given type (or 3%, 3%, 3%).
• Color coded the hammers/etc. based on whether they are bonus or not. Then on mouse over, which by then should be very nice, we can display where these numbers come from.
• On game setup, have an option to simply set up how many players you want to play against and have it randomly pick who you’re playing with.
• On game setup, have a checkbox that says "Randomize intelligence". The result would be that the game difficulty would be used to distribute the intelligence points. Example: I could select "Tough" and then have this checkbox selected and it would look at the # of players and the total number of intelligent points it takes to have tough and then distribute it out so that some are smarter than others (up to a 30% difference between intelligences).
• Lots of tweaks to the context window UIs which we’ll be discussing how best to do it.
• Fleet Manager screen.
• An option to show auto pilot ships destinations on map with a very very faint line (dotted preferably if possible) where they are going. Ala the trade routes.
• When selecting a constructor, have a very very faint circle that shows the area of effect a starbase would have.
• MAJORLY updated AI (not to make it tougher, to make it smarter at higher levels and dumber -- i.e. poor strategies -- at lower levels)
• Additional ship extras for more ship options
• Bug fixes of various kinds
• Approval Rating > 75% gives you a 5% boost to production. Approval rating < 40% has a -5% affect on production. Players won't be charged for this bonus production.
• Ability to rotate ship components in the Ship Designer
• Dynamic logo components - brand your ships with your insignia
• Enhanced context menus for managing stacked ships and fleets
• Starbase modules pruned/tweaked
• Unused Social Spending routed to military spending (or back to treasury if nothing is being used)
• New ship components
• UI for selecting MODS/Total Conversions
• Updated Scoring System
• No Tech Trading option
• New maps and scenarios
• Various tweaks to economics, costs, etc.