Age of Empires 3: The Age of Discovery

Cheater wurden aus ESO verbannt

Wie der bekannte Entwickler "Ensemble Studios", welcher die glorreichen Serien "Age of Empires" und "Age of Mythology" entworfen hat, heute bekannt gab, wurden wieder einmal einige Cheater aus dem ESO (Ensemble Studios Online) Online-Dienst gebannt. Hier ist der genaue Wortlaut von den Entwicklern:

Today we have banned a batch of players from ESO for a variety of cheats, including hacked decks, point trading, as well as for racist chat channels and comments. If you have found that your ESO account has been disabled and would like to appeal your ban, please e-mail

We'd like to thank the players who have e-mailed in to report abusive or cheating players. Please do include screenshots or recorded games with your e-mails to help us track these issues.