Die Sims 2: Wilde Campus-Jahre

Let's patch it!

Auch zu diesem Addon hat Electronic Arts einen neuen Patch veröffentlicht. Der Patch aktualisiert euer Spiel auf die Version und ist knapp 20 MB gross.

Auszug aus der Fixliste:

  • Fixed an issue where Angela Pleasant was not properly calling Dustin Broke to sneak out of the house.
  • Fixed a problem in University where Dustin Broke would bring Angela Pleasant home every day from school.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory items and all memories were being deleted after joining a Greek house.
  • Popular Sims' facial animation would cease to play when talking to other Sims.
  • Fixed an issue where hard-earned diplomas could be stolen or repossessed.
  • Prevented teens from receiving the "Win Young Entrepreneur's Award" Want when it is already satisfied.
  • Prevented an exploit with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron that allowed more than 8 Sims to live on a lot. (caused many other issues)
  • Fixed some animation problems that occurred when a young adult Sim prepared cereal on top of the mini fridge.
  • Eliminated a rare improper reset when canceling a cell phone call on community lots
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if the user input frame for paintings or the camera appeared during a special event cinematic
  • Prevented improper animations from running if a teen Sim age transitioned while sitting down
  • Fixed a reset that would occur when hanging out with a Sim that is trying to leave for class
  • Fixed a rare instance of a reset that occurs when canceling sleep with a specific interaction next in queue
  • The Grim Reaper will no longer fail to leave a lot if multiple Sims die and the lot is left empty.

    Die komplette Änderungsliste findet ihr ebenfalls unter dem angegebenen Download-Link.

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