Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Liste der Soundtracks

Zum kommenden Rennspiel "Midnight Club 3 : DUB Edition" ist nun die offizielle Sountrackliste veröffentlicht worden. Wie ihr sehen könnt ist diese sehr lang ausgefallen und beinhaltet, wie man es von Rockstar Games auch nicht anders erwartet hätte, jede Menge top Lieder.

Songliste :

7L & Esoteric featuring Celph Titled - "Murder-Death-Kill"

Aquasky - "Spectre"

Ash - "Meltdown"

Aztec Mystic - "Aguila"

B. Calloway - "Direct Maniac"

Baby A.K.A. Birdman featuring Lil' Wayne - "Shyne On"

Beenie Man - "King Of The Dancehall"

Beenie Man - "Miss L.A.P."

Beenie Man featuring Ms. Thing - "Dude"

Beenie Man featuring So Solid Crew - "Yagga Yo"

Big Tymers - "Get Your Roll On"

Big Tymers featuring Lac, Stone, Mikkey - "Put That S**t Up"

Buddy Klein - "Let's Go"

Bump J - "On The Run"

Calyx - "Get Myself To You"

Calyx - "Illusions"

Calyx - "Just You"

Calyx - "The Leader"

Calyx - "Are You Ready"

Calyx - "Chasing Shadows"

Calyx - "Collision Course"

Calyx & Ill Skillz - "Thru Your Eyes"

Culture Shock - "Vega"

Dark Energy - "Sunshine"

D-Block - "I Dare You"

Deep Blue - "The Helicopter Tune"

Dom & Keaton - "Archaeon"

Dom & Roland - "Imagination VIP"

Dom & Roland - "Soundwall VIP"

E-Sassin - "Interface"

Fabolous - "Gangsta"

Fabolous - "Keepin' It Gangsta"

Fabolous featuring Thara - "Ghetto"

Fat Joe - "Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)"

Fix - "Flash"

Fix - "Bite Before You Bark"

Future Prophecies - "Final Fantasy"

Hundred Reasons - "Stories With Unhappy Endings"

Idlewild - "A Modern Way Of Letting Go"

Jean Grae - "Going Crazy"

Jean Grae - "Hater's Anthem"

Jean Grae - "You Don't Want It"

Jimmy Eat World "Pain"

Kasabian - "Club Foot"

Knights Of The Jaguar - "Jaguar"

Lady Saw - "Strip Tease"

Lil' Wayne - "Go D.J."

Los Hermanos - "Quetzal"

M. Pizzini, R. Ousley - "Westside Switching"

M.I.A. - "Denang"

M.I.A. - "Fire Fire"

Mannie Fresh - "Real Big"

Marilyn Manson - "Rock Is Dead"

Mash Out Posse - "Robbin' Hoodz"

Mr. De' - "The Zoo"

Mr. De' - "Throw"

Mr. Vegas featuring Wayne Anthony - "Pull Up"

Nine Inch Nails - "The Hand That Feeds"

Noisia - "Believe"

Noisia - "Cold Veins"

Omni Trio - "Renegade Snares"

Omni Trio - "Renegade Snares"

Peaches featuring Iggy Pop - "Kick It"

Petey Pablo - "Freek-A-Leek"

Pilot To Gunner - "Barrio Superstarrio"

Pitbull featuring Piccallo - "Dammit Man"

Queens Of The Stone Age - "Little Sister"

Roy Jones, Jr. featuring Magic & Choppa - "Body Head Anthem"

Sean Paul - "Like Glue"

Slim Thug - "Like A Boss"

Suburban Knight - "Night Strike"

Suburban Knight - "Nocturbulous"

Suburban Knight - "The Warning"

Supernatural featuring Wildchild of the Lootpack - "Victory"

T.I. - "U Don't Know Me"

T.I. - "ASAP"

Tek Brothers - "Funktion"

The Explosion - "No Revolution"

The Game featuring 50 Cent - "How We Do"

The Martian - "Lost Transmission"

The Martian - "Sex In Zero Gravity"

The Martian - "Share Your Feelings"

The Martian - "Stardancer"

The Ratt Pakk - "Flight Deck"

The Ratt Pakk - "Cornbread"

The Ratt Pakk - "Deep South"

The Ratt Pakk - "Disco 2001"

The Ratt Pakk - "Epish"

The Ratt Pakk - "Spaced Out"

Trick Daddy featuring Khia & Tampa Tony - "Jump On It"

Twista - "Overnight Celebrity"

Twista featuring Anthony Hamilton - "Sunshine"

Twista featuring T.I. & Liffy Stokes - "Like A 24"

Two Culture Clash featuring General Degree - "…And Dance"

Two Culture Clash featuring Ward 21 - "This Anuh Rampin"

Underground Resistance - "Hi-Tech Jazz"

Underground Resistance - "Jupiter Jazz"

Underground Resistance - "Amazon"

Unwritten Law - "F.I.G.H.T."

Uptight Sound System - "Righteous Dub"

Ying Yang Twins - "Hanh!"