Update für Battleborn veröffentlicht

Termin für den neuen Charakter Pendles

Der Termin für den 27. Charakter für "Battleborn" namens Pendles steht fest und ausserdem wurde ein neues Update veröffentlicht.


2K Games und Gearbox Software haben verraten, dass der 27. Charakter für "Battleborn" am 4. August 2016 erscheinen wird. Dabei handelt es sich um den kaltblütigen Killer Pendles. Man kann ihn für 47.500 Ingame-Credits freischalten. Wer den Season-Pass hat, muss nur noch bis zum 28. Juli 2016 warten und benötigt keine Ingame-Credits.

Darüber hinaus wurde für "Battleborn" ein neues Update veröffentlicht, das unter anderem drei weitere Maps ("Monuments", "Outskirts" und "Snowblind") sowie viele Balancing-Anpassungen enthält. Den kompletten Changelog liest man auf der offiziellen Seite nach.

New Content:

  • 5 new taunt customizations
  • 3 new Versus maps (Monuments, Outskirts, and Snowblind)


  • The Wound debuff has been modified
  • Wound now reduces healing, health regeneration and lifesteal received by 60%
  • Wounded targets now have a unique third person visual effect to indicate that they will receive reduced healing
  • All characters now have diminishing returns on the push of their quick melee attacks
  • Consecutive quick melee attacks push enemies shorter distances. This effect resets after a short amount of time
  • All Bots now sprint more frequently


  • Added a Report Player function accessible through the scoreboard
  • Health Regeneration and Shield Regeneration values are now visible on the player's HUD
  • The Achievements Page on Steam should display correctly (PC)
  • Text chat in the main menu no longer appears off-screen at certain resolutions (PC)
  • Fixed a rare visual issue with the text chat expand button (PC)
  • Icons will not overlap when purchasing buildables
  • Fixed sorting Gear by Rarity
  • Title sorting types are now saved
  • The scroll speed in the Gear Bank is no longer affected by the player's sorting type
  • Sorting characters by “Unlocked” in the Command Menu will function correctly
  • Skins and Taunts now have descriptions when found in a loot pack for improved clarity
  • Fixed a minor text issue with unlocking characters with Hero Keys
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the “Mute All” button prompt on split screen clients
  • When interacting with Escort sentries' Power Skills Menu “Can't Afford” text will no longer overlap prices in split screen

Quality Of Life:

  • Player Alerts should function normally, allowing players to Ping consistently
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused players to not receive Legendary gear as challenge rewards. Missing gear will be retroactively rewarded after completing a game as the affected character
  • Players no longer receive challenge progress, EC, or XP if they are not connected to the server when a game ends
  • “Num Lock” is no longer a rebindable key (PC)
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to face the incorrect direction when respawning
  • Players will no longer appear to vote for a map multiple times
  • Fixed Average Player Score tie-breaker results
  • Added an achievement for Alani
  • Skins apply correctly in the Command Menu
  • Fixed an issue when selling duplicate pieces of gear
  • Fixed text displayed when a minion kills an enemy sentry
  • Locked characters will no longer appear unlocked in the Command Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect information is displayed in the command menu after unlocking a character
  • SHiFT codes will no longer appear to fail on the first try
  • Fixed an issue with “My Rewards” not functioning properly after signing in to SHiFT
  • Battleborn Support ID has been renamed to Battleborn Profile ID

Match Making:

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong map experiences appeared on the Map vote screen
  • Made a change to reduce queue times for users with exceptionally high or low Elo ratings
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to lose the ability to exit matchmaking properly


  • Adjusted the Music volume in The Saboteur
  • Added music to character select
  • Fixed an issue that allowed unintended audio to play during character select
  • Made adjustments to the combat music during defense waves in The Saboteur
  • Adjusted the volume of Varelsi Scaven tentacle sounds
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