Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Welche Neuerungen bringt uns der kommende Patch?

Mit dem neuesten Titel aus der "Medal of Honor"-Reihe names "Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault" hat Electronic Arts, kurz EA, einen weiteren, äußerst real wirkenden Ego-Shooter in die Läden gebracht. Da sich aber viele Fehler ins Spiel geschlichen haben, arbeitet EA derzeit an einem neuen Patch für den WW2-Shooter.

Bis das Verbesserungsprogramm endlich in einer downloadbaren Form zur verfügung steht, wird noch einige Zeit vergehen, jedoch kann man sich schon jetzt den Changelog anschauen.

Hier die Liste der Verbesserungen/Fixes:

  • Patch 2 contains all fixes from all previous patches including Patch 1.
    • Numerous single player levels have been modified to improve product polish.
    • Various crash exploits have been repaired.
    • Server passwords now work as intended.
    • Players with negative bonus points can now join stat-tracked servers.
    • Retaining class when transitioning no longer allows bypassing of class restrictions.
    • An Ammo Tech Weapons exploit has been fixed.
    • Player can no longer use blocked weapons.
    • After voting for map change, map rotations now function correctly.
    • Muted Spectators can no longer chat with teammates.
    • Player Deaths now clear after transition.
    • Team wins no longer carry over after relaunching from shell.
    • Bashing is now allowed from all bolt action rifles when rechambering.
    • Red exploding barrels now injure players.
    • Blur FX no longer remains after dismounting turret.
    • Holstering your weapon now makes you run faster ("bind h holster").
    • Players no longer respawn looking at the ground.
    • There is now a dot at the center of the dynamic crosshair.
    • The crosshair now changes contextually based on your target.
    • Dead bodies no longer look propped up and not dead.
    • The escape key no longer loses funtionality in game.
    • The Welcome Screen Message of the Day allows multiple items to be displayed now.
    • Shooting a dead player no longer raises your accuracy.
    • Punkbuster now prints messages to the screen as expected.