Star Wars: Republic Commando

Erste Wertung

Unsere Kollegen von IGN haben eine erste Review zum Spiel "Star Wars: Republic Commando" geschrieben. Das Spiel aus dem Star Wars Universum erhielt insgesamt 8.2 Punkte.

Hier ein Auszug des Reviews:

Republic Commando is a solid, good looking first-person shooter that takes the squad dynamic and then neuters it real good. Rainbow Six fans are going to wonder what the hell happened, but less military (or less militant) gamers are sure to appreciate the rather easy squad tasks and team dynamic. As far as it goes, the squad is still interesting and relatively fun. The game gives you little management tasks like filling up Becta and covering tactical locations, and the biggest one, obviously, is that you must keep your squad alive, and they you. Indeed, there is a bare-bones dynamic there to make you feel like you're commanding a squad. But just barely.

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